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Subclass 1/06: Crushing or disintegrating by reciprocating members Jaw crushers or pulverisers with double-acting jaws

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Patent #TitleFiling DateIssue DatePatent Owner
10543487 Jaw crusher, crushing plant and crushing methodNov 14, 13Jan 28, 20METSO MINERALS INC.
10434518 Method and a system for supporting a frame of a mineral material crusher and a crushing plantMay 26, 14Oct 08, 19METSO MINERALS INC.
10399080 Moveable jaw mounting assemblyDec 03, 13Sep 03, 19Sandvik Intellectual Property AB
10221537 Artificial ground freezing method and artificial ground freezing systemApr 22, 15Mar 05, 19Chemical Grouting Co. Ltd.
9901929 Jaw crusher machineAug 05, 15Feb 27, 18Not available
RE45341 Replaceable demolition shear piercing tipJun 22, 12Jan 20, 15GENESIS ATTACHMENTS, LLC
8727252 Rock crusher system for an excavatorAug 23, 11May 20, 14KSP HOLDINGS, LLC
8684292 Multiple tool attachment systemApr 22, 13Apr 01, 14Not available
8650759 Metal demolition shears with indexable, integrated wear plate/piercing tipJan 18, 12Feb 18, 14STANLEY BLACK & DECKER, INC.
8424789 Demolition tool unit and method of designing and forming a demolition tool unitDec 01, 10Apr 23, 13Not available
8327547 Metal demolition shears with indexable, integrated wear plate/piercing tipJun 22, 12Dec 11, 12STANLEY BLACK & DECKER, INC.
8146256 Metal demolition shears with indexable, integrated wear plate/piercing tipOct 31, 03Apr 03, 12STANLEY BLACK & DECKER, INC.
7980501 Bucket type jaw crusherSep 03, 08Jul 19, 11Ueda Industries Co., Ltd.
7895755 Replaceable demolition shear piercing tipJan 10, 05Mar 01, 11GENESIS ATTACHMENTS, LLC
7222807 Bucket for crushing and screening stoneAug 29, 02May 29, 07MECCANICA BREGANZESE S.P.A.
7044037 Tip for demolition and construction equipmentApr 21, 04May 16, 06Ramun, John R.
6839969 Replaceable demolition shear piercing tipNov 18, 02Jan 11, 05ANTARES CAPITAL CORPORATION, AS AGENT
6827301 Crushing--breaking apparatusJul 31, 01Dec 07, 04HOWARD R. WOOD, KODIAK CRUSHER, L.L.C., PATRICK COPELAND, STEVEN M. KASSURA,
6619576 Outlet clearance adjustment mechanism of jaw crusher and self-propelled crushing machine loaded with jaw crusher having outlet clearance adjustment mechanism of jaw crusherSep 14, 01Sep 16, 03KOMATSU LTD.
5992023 Shear with interchangeable wear partsJul 31, 98Nov 30, 99The Stanley Works

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