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Subclass 1/08: Crushing or disintegrating by reciprocating members Jaw crushers or pulverisers with jaws coacting with a rotating roller

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Patent #TitleFiling DateIssue DatePatent Owner
9375070 Stick-type cosmetic holderDec 14, 12Jun 28, 16KOSE CORPORATION
9295991 Jaw crusherMar 11, 11Mar 29, 16NEUSON HYDROTEC GMBH, The Standard—standardized crushing and screening plants GmbH,
9022308 Crusher bucketJun 23, 11May 05, 15Flip Screen Australia Pty Ltd
8844847 Processing apparatus and methodsApr 27, 12Sep 30, 14Advanced Grinding Technologies Pty Ltd
8800902 Attachment with interchangeable jawJun 04, 12Aug 12, 14Not available
8757530 Pitman of a jaw crusher, jaw crusher, crushing plant and crushing methodAug 18, 11Jun 24, 14METSO MINERALS, INC.
8752778 Mill and method of millingJan 25, 11Jun 17, 14Maelstrom Advanced Process Technologies Limited
8118891 Grate for high temperature gasification systemsJan 14, 08Feb 21, 12INENTEC INC., InEn Tec, LLC,
8066213 Replaceable tooth mount rotor system for waste fragmenting machinesMar 22, 10Nov 29, 11ST. MARTIN INVESTMENTS, INC.
7744302 Cross-key rotational alignment locking device for VSI mineral breakerJun 27, 07Jun 29, 10Not available
7703713 Adjustable blades for wood chippers and methodJun 12, 06Apr 27, 10Not available
7681819 Disc adjustment system for chipper apparatusNov 13, 06Mar 23, 10CEM MACHINE, INC.
7451945 Single-sided, double hinged frame for roller pressesJan 05, 05Nov 18, 08KOEPPERN ENTWICKLUNGS GMBH
7419111 Multi-blade food processing apparatusJun 04, 03Sep 02, 08SHARKNINJA OPERATING LLC, Euro-Pro Operating, LLP,
7387269 Drive coupler for a food preparation deviceMar 18, 05Jun 17, 08WHIRLPOOL CORPORATION
7338001 Household food preparation appliance for preparing liquid productsDec 15, 05Mar 04, 08SEB S.A.
7314191 Two roll sugarcane crushing millMay 11, 01Jan 01, 08Not available
7216824 Shredder with oscillating side wallsJul 28, 03May 15, 07Matsui Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
7198215 Dual product sizing machineNov 22, 02Apr 03, 07JOY MM DELAWARE, INC.
7137582 Device by ice storage for the discharging of iceApr 11, 00Nov 21, 06Not available

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