B05C 1/06






Subclass 1/06: Apparatus in which liquid or other fluent material is applied to the surface of the work by contact with a member carrying the liquid or other fluent material, e.g. a porous member loaded with a liquid to be applied as a coating (B05C 5/02, B05C 7/00, B05C 19/00 take precedence) for applying liquid or other fluent material to work of indefinite length by rubbing contact, e.g. by brushes, by pads

Recent Patents

Patent #TitleFiling DateIssue DatePatent Owner
10596587 Primer device and application system applying the deviceSep 15, 17Mar 24, 20Hyundai Motor Company; Kia Motors Corporation;
10549293 System for applying pipe dope to external threads of a pipeApr 05, 17Feb 04, 20Nabors Industries Inc.
10550459 Device for hydrodynamic stabilization of a continuously travelling metal stripJan 10, 17Feb 04, 20Centre de Recherches Metallurgiques ASBL-Centrum Voor Research in de Metallurgie VZW
10543956 Dispenser and processAug 21, 17Jan 28, 20James Alexander Corporation
10526110 Dispenser and processAug 22, 17Jan 07, 20Not available
10518289 Apparatuses for applying glutinous substancesJan 28, 16Dec 31, 19The Boeing Company
10518930 Dispenser and processAug 22, 17Dec 31, 19James Alexander Corporation
10478848 Apparatus for preventing a cover from being drawn into a joint of a paint robotJun 12, 17Nov 19, 19TD Industrial Coverings Inc.
10426311 Liquid dispensing apparatusOct 29, 15Oct 01, 19Steam E Holdings Limited
10406552 Systems and apparatuses for loading and unloading brushes to and from end-effectorJul 29, 16Sep 10, 19The Boeing Company
10391514 Coating application with automated brushingJun 21, 17Aug 27, 19Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing North America, Inc.
10363404 Dispensing applicator for fluidsSep 19, 17Jul 30, 19Biomed Packaging Systems Inc.
10350630 Apparatus with pad having a fabric structure to apply a liquidJan 02, 17Jul 16, 19CTP GmbH
10343181 Automated maskless paint applicatorJan 06, 17Jul 09, 19The Boeing Company
10344160 Super-hydrophobic epoxy resin compositionsAug 10, 15Jul 09, 19The Goverment of the United States of America as represented by the Secretary of the Navy
10272453 System for applying a fluid to a surfaceNov 21, 16Apr 30, 19Airbus Operations SAS
10220406 Applicator having press button for discharging gel-type contentsDec 14, 15Mar 05, 19Not available
10195637 Removal device for decoupling tip from body of applicatorAug 31, 16Feb 05, 19The Boeing Company
10166569 Painting systemJul 31, 15Jan 01, 19Not available
10105725 Fluid application deviceFeb 18, 13Oct 23, 18The Boeing Company

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Recent Publications

Publication #TitleFiling DatePub DatePatent Owner
2018/0243,782 AUTOMATED PRIMER APPLICATION SYSTEMSep 29, 16Aug 30, 18Not available
2018/0057,243 Dispenser and ProcessAug 21, 17Mar 01, 18Not available

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