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Subclass 1/02: Preparing metal stock Preliminary treatment of metal stock without particular shaping, e.g. salvaging segregated zones, forging or pressing in the rough (modifying the physical properties by deformation C21D 7/00, C22F 1/00)

Recent Patents

Patent #TitleFiling DateIssue DatePatent Owner
10576529 Open die forging process for minimizing end losses and a product made using itAug 14, 15Mar 03, 20Bharat Forge Limited
10570505 Tantalum sputtering target, and production method thereforMay 17, 16Feb 25, 20JX Nippon Mining & Materials Corporation
10525523 Method and device for forging a workpiece in bar formDec 15, 15Jan 07, 20GFM—GmbH
10526689 Heat-resistant Ti alloy and process for producing the sameDec 08, 17Jan 07, 20Daido Steel Co., Ltd.
10435775 Processing routes for titanium and titanium alloysSep 17, 13Oct 08, 19ATI PROPERTIES LLC
10413964 Constructing-and-forging method for preparing homogenized forged piecesJul 01, 15Sep 17, 19INSTITUTE OF METAL RESEARCH CHINESE ACADEMY OF SCIENCES
10351926 High toughness and high tensile strength thick steel plate with excellent material homogeneity and production method for sameNov 17, 15Jul 16, 19JFE Steel Corporation
10337093 Non-magnetic alloy forgingsOct 13, 15Jul 02, 19ATI PROPERTIES LLC
10297430 Gold or platinum target, and production method for sameJan 20, 15May 21, 19Furuya Metal Co. Ltd.
10144057 Method for manufacturing forged steel rollFeb 01, 13Dec 04, 18Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal Corporation
10094238 Material for ring rollingMar 18, 14Oct 09, 18Hitachi Metals, Ltd.
10022779 Mechanically tuned rapid discharge forming of metallic glassesJul 08, 15Jul 17, 18Glassimetal Technology Inc.; Apple Inc.;
9797025 Method for manufacturing austenite-ferrite stainless steel with improved machinabilityJan 18, 17Oct 24, 17ARCELORMITTAL, UGITECH,
9719369 Manufacturing method for material for ring rollingMar 18, 14Aug 01, 17HITACHI METALS, LTD.
9651345 Method for producing a ring-shaped or plate-like elementAug 25, 15May 16, 17SCHOTT AG
9624567 Methods for processing titanium alloysOct 26, 15Apr 18, 17ATI PROPERTIES LLC
9616486 Process for making forged and machined componentsOct 03, 12Apr 11, 17Not available
9592547 Method of manufacturing annular moldingDec 10, 12Mar 14, 17MITSUBISHI MATERIALS CORPORATION
9574259 Method for producing high-strength magnesium alloy material and magnesium alloy rodJun 19, 12Feb 21, 17THE UNIVERSITY OF ELECTRO-COMMUNICATIONS
9566671 Method for manufacturing a forgingOct 30, 14Feb 14, 17EATON CAPITAL

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