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Subclass 3/00: General-purpose turning-machines or devices, e.g. centre lathes with feed rod and lead screw; Sets of turning-machines

Recent Patents

Patent #TitleFiling DateIssue DatePatent Owner
10465056 Method for producing flexible conductive substrate with high transmittance and product thereofNov 06, 17Nov 05, 19National Chung Hsing University
10208531 Method and device for filling an edge joint of an insulating glass element with a sealing compoundNov 10, 15Feb 19, 19Lisec Austria GmbH
10058967 Manufacturing systemOct 24, 14Aug 28, 18FUJI MACHINE MFG. CO. LTD
9724760 Machine tool provided with tool postNov 08, 16Aug 08, 17STAR MICRONICS CO., LTD.
9687912 Tool carrier and machine tool having a tool carrierMay 18, 12Jun 27, 17GILDEMEISTER Italiana S.p.A.
9643256 Machine toolMar 30, 15May 09, 17DMG MORI SEIKI CO., LTD.
9616500 Guide bush adjusting deviceFeb 13, 13Apr 11, 17CITIZEN MACHINERY CO., LTD., CITIZEN WATCH CO., LTD.,
9615687 Rotatable drive element for moving a window coveringMay 22, 15Apr 11, 17CURRENT PRODUCTS CORP.
9383061 Machine tool and drive regulation device for said machine toolJul 10, 12Jul 05, 16CITIZEN MACHINERY CO., LTD., CITIZEN WATCH CO., LTD.,
9370872 Woodworking lathe adjustment structureOct 14, 14Jun 21, 16KINGSAND MACHINERY LTD.
9193214 Flexible heat sealable decorative articles and method for making the sameOct 14, 13Nov 24, 15HIGH VOLTAGE GRAPHICS, INC.
9144918 Field sawbuck for cantilever support of a felled treeAug 09, 11Sep 29, 15Not available
9120157 NC lathe and accessorySep 27, 11Sep 01, 15Kawata Chuck Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
9095907 Drapery tube incorporating batteries within the drapery tube, with a stop for facilitating the loading and unloading of the batteriesMar 15, 13Aug 04, 15CURRENT PRODUCTS CORP., OMOTION INCORPORATED,
9095908 Rotatable drive element for moving a window coveringSep 17, 13Aug 04, 15CURRENT PRODUCTS CORP.
8974901 Multilayer thin film for ceramic electronic component and method of manufacturing the sameNov 10, 11Mar 10, 15SAMSUNG ELECTRO-MECHANICS CO., LTD.
8956444 Venting array and manufacturing methodMar 12, 13Feb 17, 15W. L. GORE & ASSOCIATES, INC.
8894399 Injection molding tool with integrated gate removal for high-volume manufacturingJun 22, 12Nov 25, 14APPLE INC.
8887362 Turning tool holder used for a combined lathe apparatusNov 29, 12Nov 18, 14YAMAZAKI MAZAK CORPORATION
8805562 Numerical control programming method, apparatus therefor, and program for causing a computer to execute the methodJul 06, 09Aug 12, 14MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC CORPORATION

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