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Subclass 3/04: General-purpose turning-machines or devices, e.g. centre lathes with feed rod and lead screw; Sets of turning-machines Turning-machines in which the workpiece is rotated by means at a distance from the headstock

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Patent #TitleFiling DateIssue DatePatent Owner
9216556 Sandwich structure having arrestment featureMar 11, 15Dec 22, 15THE BOEING COMPANY
8227068 Ceiling tileFeb 10, 12Jul 24, 12TOWER IPCO COMPANY LIMITED
8181555 Machine for boring, turning, and face groovingApr 03, 07May 22, 12CLIMAX PORTABLE MACHINE TOOLS, INC.
7987750 Cutter structure of labeling machineMar 18, 09Aug 02, 11Not available
6718853 Log saw apparatus and methodApr 24, 02Apr 13, 04C.G. BRETTING MANUFACTURING CO., INC.
6584877 Tire uniformity machine drive assemblyMay 07, 01Jul 01, 03AKRON SPECIAL MACHINERY, INC.
6360414 Rotary deflashing apparatusMay 24, 00Mar 26, 02MILACRON LLC
6227086 Radial log clampJul 14, 99May 08, 01C.G. BRETTING MANUFACTURING CO., INC.
5941144 Radial log clampMay 26, 98Aug 24, 99C.G. BRETTING MANUFACTURING CO., INC.
5881616 Pipe cutting apparatusOct 24, 96Mar 16, 99IHARA SCIENCE CORPORATION
5755146 Radial log clampApr 15, 96May 26, 98C.G. BRETTING MANUFACTURING CO., INC.
5458031 Core cutterNov 23, 93Oct 17, 95Coiltech Corporation
5360213 Apparatus for separating folded webSep 10, 92Nov 01, 94FIRST UNION NATIONAL BANK
RE30746 Can cutting apparatus and methodMay 14, 80Sep 22, 81BELGIUM TOOL AND DIE COMPANY

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