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Subclass 3/02: Sharpening cutting edges, e.g. of tools; Accessories therefor, e.g. for holding the tools (non-abrasive sharpening devices for scythes, sickles, or the like A01D 3/00; sharpening devices designed as components of machines with cutters, see the relevant places for the machines, e.g. A01D 75/08, B26D 7/12; sharpening of saw teeth B23D 63/12; sharpening of files or rasps B23D 73/00; grinding of die-stocks or chasers B23G 1/36) of milling cutters

Recent Patents

Patent #TitleFiling DateIssue DatePatent Owner
10532439 Device for sharpening tools with cutters, such as for example drills, milling tools or the likeMay 28, 13Jan 14, 20Vollmer Werke Maschinenfabrik GmbH
10478942 Nozzle carrier for a tool grinding machineAug 07, 18Nov 19, 19ISOG TECHNOLOGY GMBH
10456884 Liner system for a mill shellMay 19, 17Oct 29, 19Polycorp Ltd.
10058934 Rotary cutting tool with honed edgesJun 17, 15Aug 28, 18KYOCERA SGS PRECISION TOOLS, INC.
9878379 Cutting tool with enhanced chip evacuation capability and method of making sameApr 22, 15Jan 30, 18KENNAMETAL INC.
9796027 Rotary cutting tool with regrindable cutting insertsNov 29, 16Oct 24, 17KENNAMETAL INC.
9724768 Cutting tool with enhanced chip evacuation capability and method of making sameMay 14, 14Aug 08, 17KENNAMETAL INC.
9505066 Rotary cutting tool with regrindable cutting insertsAug 01, 14Nov 29, 16KENNAMETAL INC.
9387566 Handheld abrading machineMay 06, 15Jul 12, 16FLEX-ELEKTROWERKZEUGE GMBH
9205529 Dispenser for chemical-mechanical polishing (CMP) apparatus, CMP apparatus having the dispenser, and CMP process using the CMP apparatusJun 21, 11Dec 08, 15UNITED MICROELECTRONICS CORP.
9067268 Abrasive articles including abrasive particles bonded to an elongated bodyMar 22, 13Jun 30, 15SAINT-GOBAIN ABRASIFS, SAINT-GOBAIN ABRASIVES, INC,
6669531 Apparatus for high tolerance brush honingApr 06, 01Dec 30, 03CONICITY TECHNOLOGIES, LLC
6287177 Method of and apparatus for high tolerance brush honingOct 28, 99Sep 11, 01CONICITY TECHNOLOGIES, LLC
5470661 Diamond-like carbon films from a hydrocarbon helium plasmaJan 07, 93Nov 28, 95GLOBALFOUNDRIES INC.
5441549 Abrasive articles comprising a grinding aid dispersed in a polymeric blend binderApr 19, 93Aug 15, 95Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company

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Recent Publications

Publication #TitleFiling DatePub DatePatent Owner
2018/0333,818 Grinding And/Or Erosion MachineMay 16, 18Nov 22, 18Not available

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