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Subclass 1/00: Presses, using a press ram, characterised by the features of the drive therefor, pressure being transmitted directly, or through simple thrust or tension members only, to the press ram or platen

Recent Patents

Patent #TitleFiling DateIssue DatePatent Owner
10912258 System and method for recompressing round bales into square balesSep 20, 18Feb 09, 21Deere & Company
10899098 System for compacting waste in a vehicleOct 18, 18Jan 26, 21Airbus Operations GMBH
10875272 Inner-circulation high-speed hydraulic system, hydraulic platform, and hydraulic platform assemblyJul 21, 14Dec 29, 20SHANGHAI ETERNAL MACHINERY CO., LTD.
10821564 Cylinder device, press machine, workpiece clamping apparatus, cylinder device actuating method, method for clamping workpiece, and method for pressing workpieceMar 13, 18Nov 03, 20Seiko Instruments Inc.
10661520 Pressing assemblyMay 21, 17May 26, 20Fu Tai Hua Industry (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.; Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd;
10595667 Coffee tamperSep 22, 15Mar 24, 20CLOCKWORK ESPRESSO LTD.
10596614 Punch and die holding apparatus and methodApr 26, 17Mar 24, 20Swanstrom Tools USA Inc.
10578100 High-pressure pump for use in a high-pressure pressFeb 25, 14Mar 03, 20NOVATEK IP, LLC
10562703 Refuse collection apparatusJun 19, 17Feb 18, 20ECUBE LABS CO., LTD.
10543652 PressApr 13, 17Jan 28, 20Fresh Press LLC
10507626 Bladder devices for moving components of web packaging machinesMay 12, 17Dec 17, 19Alkar-RapidPak, Inc.
10494823 JoinerMar 24, 17Dec 03, 19Tapper Tool Co., LLC
10427207 Activation assembly for a press apparatusMar 03, 16Oct 01, 19EATON INTELLIGENT POWER, LTD.
10351337 Manually operated trash compactor for airplane lavatory and method for compacting trashJun 16, 16Jul 16, 19The Boeing Company
10266339 Household waste recycling module and appliance assemblyNov 07, 11Apr 23, 19Krushr Limited
10183450 Method for impregnation of a fibrous preform and device for implementation of the said methodNov 25, 14Jan 22, 19SAFRAN AIRCRAFT ENGINES; SAFRAN;
10081045 Systems and methods for electromagnetic forming of containersMay 04, 15Sep 25, 18Belvac Production Machinery Inc.
10065878 Method and facility for the forced dewatering of a sludge of saline residuesMay 19, 14Sep 04, 18Degremont
10011041 Modular pressMay 13, 16Jul 03, 18USNR, LLC
10006839 Method for flattening sample in optical metrologyMar 03, 16Jun 26, 18Bruker Nano, Inc.

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Recent Publications

Publication #TitleFiling DatePub DatePatent Owner
2021/0070,003 MACHINE TOOLAug 03, 18Mar 11, 21Not available
2021/0060,887 PRESS MACHINEJul 16, 20Mar 04, 21Not available
2020/0290,301 FLUID FORMING APPARATUSFeb 05, 20Sep 17, 20FF FLUID forming GmbH
2020/0262,168 A Standalone Waste Compaction DeviceSep 17, 18Aug 20, 20Not available
2020/0171,769 TRASH COMPACTING SYSTEM AND APPARATUSOct 07, 19Jun 04, 20Not available
2018/0161,704 SEAMLESS FILTER BAG ASSEMBLY FOR JUICE PRESSFeb 09, 18Jun 14, 18Not available

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