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Subclass 1/00: Inking and printing with a printer's forme

Recent Patents

Patent #TitleFiling DateIssue DatePatent Owner
10586472 Thin film adhesive labels and methods of making thereofNov 29, 17Mar 10, 20Actega North America Technologies, Inc.
10583455 Coating apparatusNov 29, 16Mar 10, 20Actega Metal Print GMBH
10173450 Element marking deviceDec 16, 15Jan 08, 19Vekta Automation Pty Ltd.
10059137 Apparatus for orienting magnetic flakesNov 12, 16Aug 28, 18VIAVI Solutions Inc.
10000085 Device and method for transferring flowable printing substances onto a printing materialSep 05, 14Jun 19, 18Not available
9925750 High-speed manufacturing of printed product micro featuresJul 07, 16Mar 27, 18ROLLING OPTICS AB
9911367 Thin film adhesive labels and methods of making thereofMay 12, 16Mar 06, 18ACTEGA NORTH AMERICA TECHNOLOGIES, INC.
9855736 Module-type processing unit and totally automated manufacturing system for gravure cylinder using sameFeb 19, 15Jan 02, 18THINK LABORATORY CO., LTD.
9573353 Method for manufacturing of printed product micro features and arrangement for continuous production of such a productOct 25, 13Feb 21, 17ROLLING OPTICS AB
9315009 Exposing printing plates using light emitting diodesFeb 19, 13Apr 19, 16ESKO-GRAPHICS IMAGING GMBH
9186923 Method and apparatus for producing two or more patterned substratesMar 09, 12Nov 17, 15LG CHEM, LTD.
9056991 Polymeric pigment systems and methodsJul 29, 11Jun 16, 15CABOT CORPORATION
9048207 Bubble discharging structure, reverse printing block, display device, printing method, and method of manufacturing display deviceMar 12, 12Jun 02, 15JOLED INC.
8991314 Roller microcontact printing device and printing method thereofDec 29, 10Mar 31, 15METAL INDUSTRIES RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT CENTRE
8955438 Printing device and printing methodNov 18, 10Feb 17, 15CANON KABUSHIKI KAISHA
8950328 Methods of fabricating organic electronic devicesDec 20, 05Feb 10, 15E. I. DU PONT DE NEMOURS AND COMPANY
8921033 Method of preparing lithographic printing plate and developer for lithographic printing plate precursorFeb 22, 11Dec 30, 14FUJIFILM CORPORATION
8907998 Apparatus and methods for ink-based digital printing using imaging plate having regular textured surface for reduced pullbackJan 22, 13Dec 09, 14PALO ALTO RESEARCH CENTER INCORPORATED, XEROX CORPORATION,
8789466 Method for printing substratesSep 28, 09Jul 29, 14BASF SE
8291823 Digital printing plate and system with electrostatically latched deformable membranesNov 30, 10Oct 23, 12PALO ALTO RESEARCH CENTER INCORPORATED

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Recent Publications

Publication #TitleFiling DatePub DatePatent Owner
2019/0023,043 METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR ORIENTING MAGNETIC FLAKESAug 27, 18Jan 24, 19Not available

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