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Subclass 11/00: Hand or desk devices of the office or personal type for applying liquid, other than ink, by contact to surfaces, e.g. for applying adhesive (combined with envelope-closing devices B43M 5/02; reservoir brushes A46B 11/00; devices for applying liquids or other fluent materials to surfaces in general B05C; liquid receptacles B65D)

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Patent #TitleFiling DateIssue DatePatent Owner
10343447 Moisture padJan 12, 17Jul 09, 19Not available
10214047 Finger moistening deviceOct 03, 17Feb 26, 19Not available
9642742 Eye drop applicator and drop transfer methodMay 06, 13May 09, 17Not available
9399367 Marker with decorative fluid sleeveAug 12, 14Jul 26, 16ARROW INTERNATIONAL, INC.
9044772 Water application unit for automatically applying water onto sheet being transferredApr 24, 13Jun 02, 15RISO KAGAKU CORPORATION
8491211 Device for storing and applying liquid and/or pasty substancesFeb 07, 08Jul 23, 13ERNST MUHLBAUER GMBH & CO. KG
7918619 Packaging and applicator device, and method of making up skin or lipsMay 24, 06Apr 05, 11L'OREAL
7131784 Unit dose delivery systemMar 11, 04Nov 07, 063M INNOVATIVE PROPERTIES COMPANY
7077592 Applicator including an applicator element configured to apply substance to skinFeb 19, 03Jul 18, 06L'OREAL
6808594 System and method for managing overflow of moistening fluid in a mailing machineMar 07, 03Oct 26, 04Pitney Bowes Inc.
6705790 Adhesive applicators with improved applicator tipsApr 30, 02Mar 16, 04ETHICON, INC.
6331085 Container-applicator system for material for the skinAug 10, 00Dec 18, 01ALBEA COSMETICS AMERICA, INC

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