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Subclass 1/08: Designs or pictures characterised by special or unusual light effects characterised by colour effects

Recent Patents

Patent #TitleFiling DateIssue DatePatent Owner
10539727 Modifying optical properties of thin film structures using an absorbing elementSep 06, 16Jan 21, 20President and Fellows of Harvard College
10436438 Customizable holiday decorationNov 07, 17Oct 08, 19Not available
10425555 Method to form a coarsely discretized 3-D decorationDec 30, 16Sep 24, 19Not available
10421309 Display, article, original plate, and method for producing original plateOct 27, 17Sep 24, 19Toppan Printing Co Ltd.
10370786 Matrix for letters or patterns on fabricJun 01, 17Aug 06, 19Not available
10245882 Housing for electroic device and method for making sameFeb 16, 17Apr 02, 19SHENZHEN FUTAIHONG PRECISON INDUSTRY CO; FIH (HONG KONG) LIMITED;
10195890 Secure lens layerSep 16, 15Feb 05, 19Crane Security Technologies, Inc.
9950557 Apparatus to orient a pushpinNov 06, 16Apr 24, 18Not available
9845403 Ink image matter generating methodMay 15, 17Dec 19, 17FUJIFILM CORPORATION
9835943 Process for the laser treatment of coatingsMay 21, 15Dec 05, 17MERCK PATENT GMBH
9816031 Composite marking based on chiral liquid crystal precursorsDec 07, 11Nov 14, 17SICPA HOLDING SA
9662930 Painting structure and painting frame structureJan 25, 16May 30, 17SHEEN DESIGN, INC.
9616646 Method for producing 3-D printed imagesJul 14, 11Apr 11, 17SUN CHEMICAL CORPORATION
9610799 Housing for electroic device and method for making sameJul 22, 15Apr 04, 17FIH (HONG KONG) LIMITED, SHENZHEN FUTAIHONG PRECISION INDUSTRY CO., LTD.,
9550209 System and method of pointillist paintingMar 24, 14Jan 24, 17SSO VENTURE PARTNERS, LLC
9539852 Lighting system for accenting regions of a layer and associated methodsOct 23, 15Jan 10, 17LIGHTING SCIENCE GROUP CORPORATION
9505260 Coarsely discretized 3-D decorationJan 09, 15Nov 29, 16Not available
9414975 Three-dimensional printed articleDec 19, 13Aug 16, 16The Procter & Gamble Company
9333738 Printed article and method of making sameSep 21, 15May 10, 16The Procter & Gamble Company
9249320 Polymer-bonded polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons having nitrogen containing substituentsNov 09, 12Feb 02, 16SICPA HOLDING SA

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Recent Publications

Publication #TitleFiling DatePub DatePatent Owner
2020/0062,026 Method of Applying Artwork to a 3D PlateAug 16, 19Feb 27, 20Not available

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