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Subclass 1/06: Cleaning of vehicles (by apparatus not integral with vehicle B60S 3/00; cleaning in general B08B; de-icing of aircraft B64D; heating arrangements specially adapted for transparent or reflecting areas H05B 3/84) Cleaning windscreens, windows, or optical devices Wipers or the like, e.g. scrapers characterised by the drive (producing other than swinging movement B60S 1/44)

Recent Patents

Patent #TitleFiling DateIssue DatePatent Owner
10300891 Dual sweep angle and indexable wiper systemJan 13, 17May 28, 19GOODRICH AEROSPACE SERVICES PRIVATE LIMITED
10214184 Fastening arrangement for fin ray wiperJul 10, 15Feb 26, 19Robert Bosch GmbH
10196042 Windshield wiper assemblyJan 23, 18Feb 05, 19Not available
10005430 Wiper apparatusMay 11, 15Jun 26, 18MITSUBA CORPORATION
9994196 Wiper deviceJan 21, 15Jun 12, 18ASMO Co., Ltd.
9981634 Vehicle windshield wiper assemblyDec 18, 15May 29, 18Nissan North America, Inc.
9975523 Emergency windshield wiper systemNov 10, 17May 22, 18Not available
9944254 Support structure for front wiper device for vehicleMar 21, 13Apr 17, 18Mitsubishi Jidosha Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha; Mitsubishi Jidosha Engineering Kabushiki Kaisha;
9878722 Monitoring device and monitoring systemMay 06, 16Jan 30, 18FUJI XEROX CO., LTD.
9834177 Method for programming a wiper system for vehicle windscreens and wiper systemDec 07, 15Dec 05, 17VALEO SYSTEMES D'ESSUYAGE
9712018 Wiper motorAug 24, 11Jul 18, 17MITSUBA CORPORATION
9604602 Wiper motor drive system having breakaway clutchFeb 06, 14Mar 28, 17TRICO PRODUCTS CORPORATION
9446740 Windshield wiper assemblySep 16, 13Sep 20, 16MITSUBA CORPORATION
9216716 Wiper device, method for manufacturing wiper device, and apparatus for manufacturing wiper deviceMay 15, 12Dec 22, 15ASMO CO., LTD.
9108593 Vehicle wiper deviceMar 08, 13Aug 18, 15ASMO CO., LTD.
9056595 Windshield wiper driveJul 07, 14Jun 16, 15ROBERT BOSCH GMBH
8990999 Attachable wiper assembly for a windshieldMay 03, 13Mar 31, 15Not available
8863370 Windshield wiper apparatusAug 23, 10Oct 21, 14ROBERT BOSCH GMBH
8819888 Wiper apparatusJun 22, 12Sep 02, 14MITSUBA CORPORATION
8806699 Wiper device for cleaning roof-light window, cab, and construction machineSep 20, 12Aug 19, 14KOMATSU LTD.

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