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Subclass 1/00: Transferring passengers, articles, or freight to and from moving trains; Slipping or coupling vehicles from or to moving trains

Recent Patents

Patent #TitleFiling DateIssue DatePatent Owner
10202131 Notifications involved with attaching or detaching connectable vehiclesJun 23, 16Feb 12, 19HERE Global B.V.
9302592 Electric vehicle battery exchanging system for reuse applicationsJun 18, 14Apr 05, 16GO-TECH ENERGY CO., LTD.
9010253 Under-way transfer vehicles and systemNov 20, 12Apr 21, 15Not available
8997656 Vehicle sling bag rail systemFeb 14, 11Apr 07, 15SPARTAN MOTORS, INC.
8925873 Wayside measurement of railcar wheel to rail geometryMay 23, 13Jan 06, 15INTERNATIONAL ELECTRONIC MACHINES CORPORATION
8746153 Go-between container transfer and systemAug 25, 11Jun 10, 14Not available
8672273 Rail car sensor networkJan 09, 08Mar 18, 14INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS MACHINES CORPORATION
8479657 Cable railway with entering/exiting aidDec 02, 08Jul 09, 13INNOVA PATENT GMBH
8430363 Train wheel bearing temperature detectionOct 18, 05Apr 30, 13PROGRESS RAIL SERVICES CORPORATION
8090490 Automatic recovery and transport system and execution method thereforFeb 23, 09Jan 03, 12MICRON TECHNOLOGY, INC.
8042773 Method and device for deactivating defective doorsJul 31, 06Oct 25, 11KNORR-BREMSE GESELLSCHAFT MIT BESCHRANKTER HAFTUNG
7861979 Dragging equipment detectorNov 14, 07Jan 04, 11VOSSLOH SIGNALING USA, INC.
7784405 Vehicle transfer during operation of an omnimover rideApr 24, 08Aug 31, 10DISNEY ENTERPRISES, INC.
7779761 Under-way vehicle transferSep 28, 06Aug 24, 10Not available
7721656 Monorail vehicleJul 18, 05May 25, 10Not available
7328871 Railroad car coupler gap analyzerApr 14, 05Feb 12, 08Progressive Rail Technologies, Inc.
6129025 Traffic/transportation systemApr 10, 98Oct 10, 00Not available
5564550 Adapting escalator speed to traffic using fuzzy logicSep 20, 94Oct 15, 96OTIS ELEVATOR COMPANY
5446451 On board hot bearing detector system with fault detectionJun 08, 93Aug 29, 95BUSINESS ALLIANCE CAPITAL CORP.
5239931 Automotive truck with robot and automatic batteries replacement systemJan 29, 92Aug 31, 93G.D SOCIETA' PER AZIONI, JOBS S.P.A.,

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Recent Publications

Publication #TitleFiling DatePub DatePatent Owner
2019/0126,952 Notifications Involved with Attaching or Detaching Connectable VehiclesDec 27, 18May 02, 19Not available
2018/0057,028 High Speed Train SystemAug 29, 16Mar 01, 18Not available
2017/0349,190 Autonomous Rail Coupling Shuttle System (A.R.C.S System)Apr 27, 17Dec 07, 17Deutchman, Andrew Kurt

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