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Subclass 5/00: Apparatus for placing vehicles on the track; Derailers; Lifting or lowering rail vehicle axles or wheels (hoisting apparatus B66)

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Patent #TitleFiling DateIssue DatePatent Owner
10487984 Remote natural gas supply station using LNG tank container and method for supplying natural gas using the sameNov 28, 13Nov 26, 19KOREA GAS CORPORATION
10351149 Rail car lifting deviceMar 31, 16Jul 16, 19Mi-Jack Products Inc.
10226824 Portable profiler for locomotive or railcar wheelsJan 18, 13Mar 12, 19HJR Real Estate Management, LLC
10046956 Lifting column, lifting system and method for lifting a vehicle such as a rail-carFeb 26, 14Aug 14, 18Stertil B.V.
9981671 Railway inspection systemMar 01, 12May 29, 18Nordco Inc.
9932054 Double point derail switchFeb 19, 16Apr 03, 18Progress Rail Services Corporation
9925991 Apparatus and method for lifting and moving an axle of a rail vehicleDec 31, 14Mar 27, 18General Electric Company
9834233 Lightweight rerailerApr 17, 15Dec 05, 17PENNSY CORPORATION
9016209 Transverse adjustment mechanism for bilateral half-spring type load-carrying headJun 10, 13Apr 28, 15QINGDAO SIFANG ROLLING STOCK RESEARCH INSTITUTE CO., LTD.
9010252 Lightweight rerailerNov 22, 13Apr 21, 15PENNSY CORPORATION
8590457 Lightweight rerailerAug 16, 11Nov 26, 13PENNSY CORPORATION
8397643 Split rail trolley systemJan 24, 11Mar 19, 13THE MACTON CORPORATION
7900562 Split rail trolley systemOct 08, 08Mar 08, 11THE MACTON CORPORATION
7549611 Hinged derail with assisted manual lifting and method for constructingDec 06, 06Jun 23, 09Western-Cullen-Hayes, Inc.
7267057 Enclosed railcar jack assemblyDec 17, 04Sep 11, 07TTX Company
5682821 Displacement device for the horizontal displacement of heavy loadsJan 11, 96Nov 04, 97LUKAS HYDRAULIK GMBH
5664500 Shifting device for horizontal shifting of heavy loadsAug 31, 95Sep 09, 97LUKAS HYDRAULIK GMBH
5370058 Low rise drop yoke systemNov 15, 93Dec 06, 94Whiting Equipment Canada Inc.

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