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Patent #TitleFiling DateIssue DatePatent Owner
10464394 Fan and canopy assembly for riding vehicleNov 14, 17Nov 05, 19Not available
9707893 Vehicle mirror deviceNov 04, 13Jul 18, 17KABUSHIKI KAISHA TOKAI RIKA DENKI SEISAKUSHO
8919792 Transport cartNov 09, 10Dec 30, 14HILTI AKTIENGESELLSCHAFT
8864094 Fender mount for mirrorAug 20, 13Oct 21, 14VELVAC, INCORPORATED
8523200 Sulky force equalizer and analyzerOct 03, 11Sep 03, 13Not available
8497316 Crosslinkable and foaming polyester-polyurethane (hybrid) resin moulding compositions, with foaming characteristics for closed mould applicationsSep 29, 08Jul 30, 13POLYNT COMPOSITES UK LIMITED
8474500 Pressure monitoring and adjustment for two wheeled vehicle with wheel based pressure reservoirSep 23, 05Jul 02, 13PIRELLI TYRE S.P.A.
8179091 Method and apparatus for protecting charging devices from surges and lightning strikesAug 27, 09May 15, 12WFK & ASSOCIATES, LLC
7686487 Door mirror equipped with lamp bodyAug 14, 06Mar 30, 10MITSUBA CORPORATION
7641204 Wheelbarrow with bolt head depressionsSep 25, 06Jan 05, 10Brentwood Industries, Inc.
6634688 Method for mounting a vehicle jack on a motor vehicleFeb 26, 02Oct 21, 03VENTRA GROUP CO.
6550791 Multi-purpose cartDec 07, 00Apr 22, 03ANGLER'S FISH N MATE, LLC
6485036 Sulky for outdoor power equipment unitMay 18, 01Nov 26, 02The Toro Company

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