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Subclass 1/06: Types of vehicles Load-carrying vehicles convertible, e.g. with extensible parts, with changeable wheel track

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Patent #TitleFiling DateIssue DatePatent Owner
9845117 Adjustable support structure for vehicle cargo bed extensionOct 13, 15Dec 19, 17Not available
9156392 Adjustable support structure for vehicle cargo bed extensionFeb 28, 12Oct 13, 15Not available
8887974 Adjustable accessory support assemblyFeb 14, 11Nov 18, 14KURYAKYN HOLDINGS, LLC
8757458 Storage box with slide out storage trayOct 18, 10Jun 24, 14LIPPERT COMPONENTS, INC.
8484908 Mobile multi-functional shelter unitAug 03, 10Jul 16, 13HAUL-ALL EQUIPMENT LTD., 564581 ALBERTA LTD.,
7765044 Drag reducing systemJul 13, 06Jul 27, 10Not available
7055879 Motor vehicle with a cargo space and cargo space doorApr 26, 05Jun 06, 06WEBASTO VEHICLE SYSTEMS INTERNATIONAL GMBH
6997495 Mobile assembly hallAug 17, 04Feb 14, 06Not available
6789830 VehicleNov 22, 02Sep 14, 04INALFA ROOF SYSTEMS GROUP B.V.
6659524 Retractable cargo bedJul 26, 02Dec 09, 03CARGO BED LICENSING INC.
6626478 Tailgate extenderNov 06, 02Sep 30, 03FORD GLOBAL TECHNOLOGIES, LLC
6454338 Integrated vehicle tailgateJul 28, 00Sep 24, 02FORD GLOBAL TECHNOLOGIES, INC.
6428073 Vehicle with slide-out roomNov 27, 00Aug 06, 02INDUSTRIAL AXLE COMPANY, LLC
6412847 Motor vehicle with a displaceable cargo areaApr 10, 01Jul 02, 02WEBASTO VEHICLE SYSTEMS INTERNATIONAL GMBH
6354646 Latching mechanism for latching and releasing a slide-out roomNov 17, 00Mar 12, 02LIPPERT COMPONENTS MANUFACTURING, INC.
6325437 Slide-out compartment for a vehicleDec 22, 00Dec 04, 01Valid Manufacturing Ltd.
6293602 Sliding tailgate panelJul 10, 00Sep 25, 01FCA US LLC
6213531 Extendable sleeper for a truckDec 08, 99Apr 10, 01PACCAR INC

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