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Subclass 1/06: Saddles or other seats for cycles; Arrangement thereof; Component parts (arrangements or adaptations of vehicle seats in general B60N) Saddles resiliently mounted on the frame; Equipment therefor, e.g. springs (springs in general F16F) Saddles capable of parallel motion up and down

Recent Patents

Patent #TitleFiling DateIssue DatePatent Owner
10562578 Adjustable saddle post systemApr 13, 16Feb 18, 20SPECIALIZED BICYCLE COMPONENTS, INC.
10549803 Seat post assemblyJun 25, 18Feb 04, 20SRAM, LLC
10427741 Infinite adjust seat post with pressure relief valveApr 03, 18Oct 01, 19Fox Factory, Inc.
10399624 Bicycle seat post with two-way, spring-assist height adjustmentOct 18, 17Sep 03, 19SPECIALIZED BICYCLE COMPONENTS, INC.
10384737 Motorcycle seat assembly with hammock-type suspensionSep 11, 17Aug 20, 19Harley-Davidson Motor Company Group, LLC; Milsco Manufacturing Company, A Unit of Jason Incorporated;
10259520 Electronically controlled suspension system, method for controlling a suspension system and computer programSep 26, 16Apr 16, 19Befra Electronic, S.R.O; Gustav Magenwirth GmbH & Co. KG;
10252760 Bicycle seat suspension systemsMar 14, 17Apr 09, 19Not available
10189522 Systems and methods for supporting telescoping elementsAug 21, 15Jan 29, 19Nine Point Eight Inc.
10150526 Bicycle saddle post suspensionOct 16, 15Dec 11, 18SPECIALIZED BICYCLE COMPONENTS, INC.
9950760 Multiple position bicycle seat postMay 05, 14Apr 24, 18Redshift Sports LLC
9764788 Compound vibration absorption assembly for bike saddleMay 26, 16Sep 19, 17DDK Group Co., Ltd., Taiwan Branch (Brunei)
9669736 Saddle-riding type vehicleJul 14, 14Jun 06, 17HONDA MOTOR CO., LTD.
9637193 Bicycle saddle that balances sitting forceNov 09, 15May 02, 17PORTER, DAVID R.
9592882 Electronically controlled suspension system, method for controlling a suspension system and computer programFeb 20, 15Mar 14, 17GUSTAV MAGENWIRTH GMBH & CO. KG, BEFRA ELECTRONIC, S.R.O,
9580123 Bicycle seatpost assemblyJun 02, 15Feb 28, 17SHIMANO INC.
9567027 Bicycle seat post height adjustment mechanismApr 18, 14Feb 14, 17TAIWAN HODAKA INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD.
9403568 Adjusting structure for seatpost of bicycleApr 11, 14Aug 02, 16GIANT MANUFACTURING CO., LTD.
9376153 Control device of the height adjustment for a bicycle seat postJan 26, 15Jun 28, 16TAIWAN HODAKA INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD.
9229712 Bicycle component control apparatusSep 10, 13Jan 05, 16SHIMANO INC.
9073592 Height adjustable seat tube with oil storage unitOct 12, 11Jul 07, 15Not available

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Recent Publications

Publication #TitleFiling DatePub DatePatent Owner
2020/0079,453 ACTUATION DEVICE AND TELESCOPIC APPARATUSMay 17, 19Mar 12, 20Shimano Inc.
2019/0300,084 SUSPENSION SEATPOST WITH INTERNAL SPRINGApr 03, 19Oct 03, 19Redshift Sports LLC
2019/0225,291 BICYCLE WITH SUSPENDED CRANK AND SADDLEJan 22, 18Jul 25, 19Not available
2019/0193,800 BICYCLE TELESCOPIC APPARATUSDec 27, 17Jun 27, 19Not available
2019/0106,171 TELESCOPIC SEAT POSTDec 04, 18Apr 11, 19Not available
2019/0031,263 SADDLE-TYPE VEHICLEJul 27, 18Jan 31, 19Honda Motor Co. Ltd.
2018/0237,099 SMART BICYCLEJan 13, 17Aug 23, 18Not available
2018/0141,604 SEAT DEVICENov 15, 17May 24, 18Not available

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