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Subclass 3/12: Labelling other than flat surfaces (of fabrics B65C 5/00) Affixing labels to short rigid containers to container bodies the container being positioned for labelling with its centre-line horizontal by rolling the labels onto cylindrical containers, e.g. bottles

Recent Patents

Patent #TitleFiling DateIssue DatePatent Owner
10399726 Label applicator for syringe labelingNov 23, 16Sep 03, 19Baxter Corporation Englewood
10308388 Method and device for processing beverage containersNov 07, 16Jun 04, 19Krones AG
10163202 Automatic blood-sampling tube preparation deviceMay 18, 11Dec 25, 18Techno Medica Co., Ltd.
9934705 Laminated lenticular label for curved containersNov 04, 15Apr 03, 18Tracer Imaging LLC
9764871 Automatic blood-sampling tube preparation deviceJul 17, 13Sep 19, 17TECHNO MEDICA CO., LTD.
9572749 Device for taking samples from containersFeb 06, 15Feb 21, 17GRIFOLS WORLDWIDE OPERATIONS LIMITED
9315286 Test tube labeling assemblyMay 22, 14Apr 19, 16Not available
9174757 Method for labeling containers in a beverage bottling plant and a labeling station for a labeling machine in a beverage bottle labeling plantJun 04, 10Nov 03, 15KHS GMBH
8999100 Method for applying labels to articlesNov 09, 11Apr 07, 15SIDEL S.P.A. CON SOCIO UNICO
8746312 Bearing arrangement and labeling machine with such a bearing arrangementAug 07, 09Jun 10, 14KHS GMBH
8652283 Method and device for closing the tail end of a log of web material and log obtainedJun 07, 11Feb 18, 14FABIO PERINI S.P.A.
8585846 Method and device for closing the tail end of a log of web material and log obtainedApr 11, 08Nov 19, 13FABIO PERINI S.P.A.
8322394 Apparatus for connecting tubular coresMar 17, 08Dec 04, 12GA. VO. MECCANICA S.N.C., GA. VO MECCANICA S.R.L.,
7708042 Method and apparatus for delivering barcode-to-dose labelsDec 19, 05May 04, 10TRANSLOGIC CORPORATION
5705024 System for application of labelsSep 28, 95Jan 06, 98BECTON, DICKINSON AND COMPANY
5632849 Tab applicator for log roll windersJan 21, 92May 27, 97Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company
5441846 System for preparation of light-sensitive materialJan 12, 95Aug 15, 95FUJIFILM CORPORATION, FUJI PHOTO FILM CO., LTD.,

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Recent Publications

Publication #TitleFiling DatePub DatePatent Owner
2015/0344,164 USE OF PLASTIC FILMSMay 27, 15Dec 03, 15IRPLAST S.p.A.

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