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Subclass 1/00: Control systems of elevators in general (safety devices B66B 5/00; controlling door or gate operation B66B 13/00; systems of general application G05)

Recent Patents

Patent #TitleFiling DateIssue DatePatent Owner
10562738 Elevator system comprising with a safety monitoring system with a master-slave hierarchyDec 07, 15Feb 18, 20Inventio AG
10483740 Floor board junction boxOct 12, 18Nov 19, 19Kone Corporation
10435271 Elevator data communication arrangementJun 04, 18Oct 08, 19Kone Corporation
10259682 Pre-call scheduling assistantApr 25, 16Apr 16, 19Nokia Technologies Oy
10081512 Elevator control deviceAug 06, 14Sep 25, 18Mitsubishi Electric Corporation
9637352 Method of manufacturing a display panel, said display panel being operable to enable content to be displayed on a step of an escalatorSep 30, 13May 02, 17MOTION ICON (PROPRIETARY) LIMITED
9323232 Transportion remote call system based on passenger geo-routinesMar 13, 12Apr 26, 16NOKIA TECHNOLOGIES OY
9206016 Elevator driveJan 03, 13Dec 08, 15THYSSENKRUPP ELEVATOR AG
9061872 Lifting device and method for testing and monitoring such a lifting deviceNov 22, 10Jun 23, 15FINKBEINER, GERHARD, Gerhard Finkbeiner,
9051157 Elevator driveJan 03, 13Jun 09, 15THYSSENKRUPP ELEVATOR AG
9033114 Determining elevator car positionDec 23, 11May 19, 15INVENTIO AG
7997846 Drywall panel lifterOct 29, 08Aug 16, 11Not available
7735609 Controller of industrial vehicle, industrial vehicle, and control method for industrial vehicleMay 19, 06Jun 15, 10KABUSHIKI KAISHA TOYOTA JIDOSHOKKI
7413171 Spare tire carrier with cable guideMar 30, 05Aug 19, 08DURA GLOBAL TECHNOLOGIES, INC.
7407040 Tapered coupler for coupling a motor to a hoist machineAug 15, 06Aug 05, 08Not available
7398864 Elevator controllerMay 24, 04Jul 15, 08MITSUBISHI DENKI KABUSHIKI KAISHA
7334776 Apparatus and method for vehicle on-board cargo handling systemJul 08, 04Feb 26, 08Not available
7243759 Tapered coupler for coupling a motor to a hoist machineJan 27, 04Jul 17, 07Not available
7117978 Dampening device for an elevator compensating cable and associated system and methodAug 10, 04Oct 10, 06Draka Elevator Products, Inc.
7025178 Stabilizing system for orienting and elevating a vehicleSep 26, 03Apr 11, 06ACTUANT CORPORATION

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