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Subclass 1/04: Control systems of elevators in general (safety devices B66B 5/00; controlling door or gate operation B66B 13/00; systems of general application G05) Control systems without regulation, i.e. without retroactive action hydraulic

Recent Patents

Patent #TitleFiling DateIssue DatePatent Owner
9708160 Tensioning device and tensioning method for steel wire rope of cage guide of ultra-deep vertical shaftJun 16, 15Jul 18, 17CHINA UNIVERSITY OF MINING AND TECHNOLOGY
9605694 Energy recapture system for hydraulic elevatorsDec 19, 14Mar 28, 17GEORGIA TECH RESEARCH CORPORATION
9334096 Multiple inspection system and method that inspects different medicationsMay 16, 12May 10, 16EDGE MEDICAL PROPERTIES, LLC
8225582 Automated solid pharmaceutical product packaging machineFeb 07, 11Jul 24, 12MTS Medication Technologies, Inc.
6763916 Method and apparatus for synchronizing a vehicle liftApr 12, 02Jul 20, 04ROTARY LIFT COMPANY
5852264 Method and appartus for the measurement of the load in an elevatorJul 18, 96Dec 22, 98INVENTIO AG
5597987 Twin post, telescoping jack hydraulic elevator systemJan 25, 95Jan 28, 97DELAWARE CAPITAL FORMATION, INC.
5583326 Pneumatic elevator by depressureApr 03, 95Dec 10, 96Not available
5447211 Pneumatic elevator by depressureDec 14, 92Sep 05, 95Not available
5243154 Apparatus for controlling a hydraulic elevatorOct 15, 91Sep 07, 93MITSUBISHI DENKI KABUSHIKI KAISHA

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Recent Publications

Publication #TitleFiling DatePub DatePatent Owner
2019/0177,127 AUTOMATIC ROPE TENSION EQUALIZER SYSTEM AND METHODDec 08, 17Jun 13, 19Not available

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