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Subclass 1/06: Control systems of elevators in general (safety devices B66B 5/00; controlling door or gate operation B66B 13/00; systems of general application G05) Control systems without regulation, i.e. without retroactive action electric

Recent Patents

Patent #TitleFiling DateIssue DatePatent Owner
10532911 Motor drive having dual inverter system connected to first and second stator sectionsDec 05, 13Jan 14, 20Otis Elevator Company
10432020 Emergency back-up power system for traction elevatorsFeb 08, 17Oct 01, 19Reynolds & Reynolds Electronics, Inc.
10343872 Elevator system having battery and energy storage deviceMay 08, 13Jul 09, 19Otis Elevator Company
10315886 Electronic safety actuation device with a power assembly, magnetic brake and electromagnetic componentApr 11, 16Jun 11, 19Otis Elevator Company
10280041 Self-propelled elevator system having windings proportional to car velocityJun 27, 13May 07, 19Otis Elevator Company
10266369 Energy-autonomous elevator system control element and elevator system including the control elementJul 01, 15Apr 23, 19Inventio AG
10252884 Wirelessly powered elevator electronic safety deviceApr 05, 16Apr 09, 19Otis Elevator Company
10215160 Generating energy using airflow from a moving elevator cabinFeb 22, 17Feb 26, 19International Business Machine Corporation
10207895 Elevator emergency power feeder balancingApr 28, 16Feb 19, 19Otis Elevator Company
10196240 Wireless power supply for self-propelled elevatorMay 21, 13Feb 05, 19Otis Elevator Company
10189676 Apparatus for performing a rescue run in an elevator system by selecting rescue functions to utilize to perform the rescue run and a method of performing sameNov 18, 15Jan 29, 19Kone Corporation
10087044 Enhanced deceleration propulsion system for elevatorsJan 17, 13Oct 02, 18Otis Elevator Company
10081512 Elevator control deviceAug 06, 14Sep 25, 18Mitsubishi Electric Corporation
10071880 Low profile drive unit for elevator systemFeb 21, 13Sep 11, 18Otis Elevator Company
9975729 Elevator system using dynamic brakingAug 22, 12May 22, 18Otis Elevator Company
9935494 Elevator power supply for inverter controllerMay 15, 12Apr 03, 18Otis Elevator Company
9914617 Elevator power management to augment maximum power line powerJul 18, 12Mar 13, 18OTIS ELEVATOR COMPANY
9908743 Adaptive power control for elevator system using power profilesMay 24, 12Mar 06, 18OTIS ELEVATOR COMPANY
9850095 Elevator generating electric energy using displacement thereofJul 05, 13Dec 26, 17MOON, HYEON CHEOL
9796559 Cage energy supply system and control method thereforJun 17, 15Oct 24, 17CHINA UNIVERSITY OF MINING AND TECHNOLOGY

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Recent Publications

Publication #TitleFiling DatePub DatePatent Owner
2020/0095,094 ELEVATOR DOOR MONITORSep 24, 19Mar 26, 20Not available

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