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Subclass 25/00: Nano-magnetism, e.g. magnetoimpedance, anisotropic magnetoresistance, giant magnetoresistance or tunneling magnetoresistance

Recent Patents

Patent #TitleFiling DateIssue DatePatent Owner
10604406 Magnet coreSep 27, 05Mar 31, 20Vacuumschmelze GmbH & Co. KG
10602646 Method for preparing magnetic iron oxide-graphene compositeOct 28, 16Mar 24, 20LG Chem, Ltd.
10589997 Discrete carbon nanotubes with targeted oxidation levels and stable gel formulations thereofOct 11, 17Mar 17, 20Molecular Rebar Design, LLC
10593454 Spherical ferrite particles in nano-size and method of manufacturing sameSep 02, 15Mar 17, 20Powdertech Co. Ltd.
10591554 Graphene based magnetoresistance sensorsDec 26, 14Mar 17, 20Institute of Microelectronics National University of Singapore
10586579 Electric field switchable magnetic devicesJul 11, 18Mar 10, 20Regents of the University of Minnesota; Carnegie Mellon University;
10577254 Iron oxide nanoparticles doped with alkali metals or alkali earth metals capable of gigantic AC magnetic self-heating in biocompatible AC magnetic field and method of preparing the sameOct 19, 17Mar 03, 20NEO-NANOMEDICS, INC.
10566523 Storage element and memoryOct 03, 18Feb 18, 20Sony Corporation
10541269 Magnetic random access memory and manufacturing method thereofJun 26, 18Jan 21, 20Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
10522741 Under-cut via electrode for sub 60nm etchless MRAM devices by decoupling the via etch processJun 14, 18Dec 31, 19Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Ltd.
10516096 Magnetic random access memory structures, integrated circuits, and methods for fabricating the sameMar 28, 18Dec 24, 19GLOBALFOUNDRIES SINGAPORE PTE. LTD.
10509082 Magnetoresistive sensor systems with stray field cancellation utilizing auxiliary sensor signalsFeb 08, 18Dec 17, 19NXP B.V.
10504548 Iron-based oxide magnetic particle powder and method for producing iron-based oxide magnetic particle powderSep 17, 15Dec 10, 19Dowa Electronics Materials Co. Ltd.
10497416 Single nanomagnet memory device for magnetic random access memory applicationsFeb 13, 18Dec 03, 19Purdue Research Foundation
10490323 Method of synthesizing magnetite/maghemite core/shell nanoparticlesNov 09, 17Nov 26, 19United Arab Emirates University
10475474 Storage elementJun 05, 18Nov 12, 19Sony Corporation of Japan
10475496 Reduced shorts in magnetic tunnel junctionsMay 04, 18Nov 12, 19IBM Corporation
10475991 Fabrication of large height top metal electrode for sub-60nm magnetoresistive random access memory (MRAM) devicesFeb 22, 18Nov 12, 19Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Ltd.
10475989 Storage element and memoryOct 10, 18Nov 12, 19Sony Corporation of Japan
10468588 Perpendicular magnetic tunnel junction device with skyrmionic enhancement layers for the precessional spin current magnetic layerJan 05, 18Nov 05, 19Spin Memory, Inc.

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Recent Publications

Publication #TitleFiling DatePub DatePatent Owner
2019/0322,525 MAGNET COREMay 06, 19Oct 24, 19Not available
2019/0084,010 Temporal Multiplexed Excitation for Miniaturized, Planar Fluorescence Activated Cell SortingNov 19, 18Mar 21, 19Not available
2017/0338,015 Magnetic Nanoparticles, Bulk Nanocomposite Magnets, and Production ThereofJun 08, 17Nov 23, 17Not available
2012/0128,589 Perfluoro Compounds For Use In ImagingJul 21, 10May 24, 12KONINKLIJKE PHILIPS ELECTRONICS N V

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