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Subclass 1/00: Methods of preparing compounds of metals not covered by subclasses C01B, C01C, C01D, C01F, in general (electrolytic production of inorganic compounds C25B 1/00)

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Patent #TitleFiling DateIssue DatePatent Owner
10385480 Metallic sulfide coated travelers, methods of coating travelers, and systems for use of metallic sulfide coated travelersMar 10, 17Aug 20, 19AB Carter Inc.
10283243 Oxide superconducting bulk magnetNov 13, 15May 07, 19Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal Corporation; National University Corporation Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology;
10072469 System and method for remediation of oil-contaminated sandAug 01, 16Sep 11, 18Not available
10059602 Process for producing suspensionsMay 06, 14Aug 28, 18BASF SE
10008736 Method for forming and processing antiperovskite material doped with aluminum materialOct 23, 13Jun 26, 18QuantumScape Corporation
9919924 Porous carbon and method of preparing the sameJul 24, 13Mar 20, 18HANWHA CHEMICAL CORPORATION, SNU R&DB FOUNDATION,
9909070 Process for flocculating and dewatering oil sand mature fine tailingsApr 22, 10Mar 06, 18SAPPHIRE ENERGY, INC., SUNCOR ENERGY INC.,
9670069 Methods of making metal-oxides and uses thereof for water treatment and energy applicationsOct 08, 10Jun 06, 17THE REGENTS OF THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA
9550943 Efficient oil shale recovery methodAug 18, 15Jan 24, 17Not available
9517937 Method to synthesize metal chalcogenide monolayer nanomaterialsMar 17, 15Dec 13, 16SANDIA CORPORATION
9496067 Nanostructures, their use and process for their productionMar 10, 11Nov 15, 16YEDA RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT CO. LTD.
9455443 Lithium titanium oxide, method of preparing the same, negative electrode including the same, and lithium battery including the negative electrodeAug 16, 12Sep 27, 16SAMSUNG ELECTRONICS CO., LTD.
9339871 Method for producing spherical particles, having nanometer size, crystalline structure, comprising providing a swirling plasma gas flowJun 17, 14May 17, 16NAPRA CO., LTD.
9285506 ITO film, ITO powder used in manufacturing same ITO film, manufacturing method of ITO powder, and manufacturing method of ITO filmJun 10, 13Mar 15, 16MITSUBISHI MATERIALS CORPORATION
9242871 Nanoparticulate composition and method for its productionDec 08, 08Jan 26, 16JOHNSON MATTHEY PUBLIC LIMITED COMPANY, SUED-CHEMIE IP GMBH & CO. KG,
9174846 Ferric phosphate and methods of preparation thereofSep 20, 10Nov 03, 15A123 SYSTEMS LLC
9136534 Complexometric precursors formulation methodology for industrial production of high performance fine and ultrafine powders and nanopowders for specialized applicationsMar 15, 13Sep 15, 15NANO ONE MATERIALS CORP.
9079162 in gas streamsApr 08, 11Jul 14, 15BASF SE, BASF SE Ludwigshafen, N.E. CHEMCAT CORPORATION,
9028782 Processing nickel bearing sulphidesJan 09, 09May 12, 15BHP BILLITON SSM DEVELOPMENT PTY LTD
8912111 Process for catalyst recovery and optional recycle in a slurry hydrocracking processAug 07, 12Dec 16, 14UOP LLC

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