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Subclass 1/00: Treatment of rubber latex

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Patent #TitleFiling DateIssue DatePatent Owner
10538647 Rubber composition for tires and pneumatic tireOct 18, 18Jan 21, 20Sumitomo Rubber Industries, Ltd.
10287367 Process for the removal of rubber from TKS plant matterFeb 13, 17May 14, 19BRIDGESTONE CORPORATION
10138359 Rubber composition for tires and pneumatic tireSep 24, 15Nov 27, 18Sumitomo Rubber Industries, Ltd.
10138304 plant matterJun 18, 13Nov 27, 18Bridgestone Corporation
10023660 Compositions containing purified non-hevea rubber and related purification methodsMay 16, 13Jul 17, 18Bridgestone Corporation
9969818 Integrated process for processing and utilising the guayule plantOct 21, 15May 15, 18VERSALIS S.P.A.
9567457 Processes for the removal of rubber from TKS plant matterSep 11, 14Feb 14, 17BRIDGESTONE CORPORATION
9296832 Anionic polymerization methods for producing functionalized polymersNov 24, 10Mar 29, 16BRIDGESTONE CORPORATION
9000090 Polyisoprene condomsMar 12, 07Apr 07, 15LRC PRODUCTS LIMITED
8013074 Toner processApr 29, 08Sep 06, 11XEROX CORPORATION
7981973 Toner processApr 29, 08Jul 19, 11XEROX CORPORATION
7371275 Titanium dioxide pigment and polymer compositionsJul 02, 04May 13, 08THE CHEMOURS COMPANY FC, LLC
6635707 Process for producing synthetic latexFeb 27, 01Oct 21, 03MITSUBISHI CHEMICAL CORPORATION
5395891 Rubber mixtures containing polybutadiene gelJun 14, 93Mar 07, 95LANXESS DEUTSCHLAND GMBH

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