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Subclass 4/02: Adhesives based on organic non-macromolecular compounds having at least one polymerisable carbon-to-carbon unsaturated bond Acrylmonomers

Recent Patents

Patent #TitleFiling DateIssue DatePatent Owner
10457762 Diacrylate compound, composition thereof, and cured product thereofJul 02, 15Oct 29, 19Mitsubishi Gas Chemical Company, Inc.
10266729 Thermocurable electroconductive adhesiveFeb 29, 16Apr 23, 19THREE BOND CO., LTD.
9365745 Pressure-sensitive adhesive dispersion comprising polymers with ureido groups or with ureido-analogous groups and prepared by stage polymerizationApr 10, 12Jun 14, 16BASF SE
8871864 Adhesive system, method of assembly of distinct components therewithSep 09, 10Oct 28, 14TEKNOR APEX COMPANY
8691924 Optical-use pressure-sensitive adhesive sheetNov 08, 10Apr 08, 14NITTO DENKO CORPORATION
8198345 Lubricious anaerobic curable compositionsAug 01, 07Jun 12, 12HENKEL IP & HOLDING GMBH
8043534 Maleimide compositions and methods for use thereofApr 12, 07Oct 25, 11DESIGNER MOLECULES, INC.
7951884 Cure accelerators for anaerobic adhesive compositionsMar 31, 09May 31, 11HENKEL IP & HOLDING GMBH
7776963 Acrylic adhesives for metal bonding applicationsMay 03, 05Aug 17, 10ILLINOIS TOOL WORKS INC.
7642297 Non-leaching adhesive system and its use in a liquid immersion objectiveAug 05, 04Jan 05, 10ASML NETHERLANDS B.V.
7045560 Antifouling coatingAug 12, 03May 16, 06NIPPON PAINT HOLDINGS CO., LTD.
7014790 Room temperature cured high temperature and load dimensionally stable acrylate adhesivesNov 12, 03Mar 21, 06Texas Research International, Inc.
6429235 Energy-curable composition for making a pressure sensitive adhesiveSep 15, 99Aug 06, 02COGNIS IP MANAGEMENT GMBH
6166146 Curable resin composition, adhesive composition, bonded product, speaker and bonding methodDec 11, 98Dec 26, 00DENKI KAGAKU KOGYO KABUSHIKI KAISHA
5898041 Production process of liquid crystal display panel, seal material for liquid crystal cell and liquid crystal displayFeb 28, 96Apr 27, 99JAPAN DISPLAY CENTRAL INC.
RE36140 Two-part adhesiveFeb 29, 96Mar 09, 99DENKI KAGAKU KOGYO KABUSHIKI KAISHA
5804610 Methods of making packaged viscoelastic compositionsAug 28, 97Sep 08, 98Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company
5744511 Visible ray polymerization initiator and visible ray polymerizable compositionApr 18, 96Apr 28, 98TOKUYAMA CORPORATION
5695837 Tackified acrylic adhesivesApr 20, 95Dec 09, 97Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company
5690780 Polymerizable compositions made with polymerization initiator systems based on organoborane amine complexesMar 07, 96Nov 25, 973M INNOVATIVE PROPERTIES COMPANY

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