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Subclass 3/00: General features in the manufacture of pig-iron (mixers for pig-iron C21C 1/06)

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Patent #TitleFiling DateIssue DatePatent Owner
10144981 Process for manufacturing reduced iron agglomeratesFeb 28, 13Dec 04, 18Kobe Steel Ltd.
9976806 Burning apparatus and method for manufacturing reduced iron using the sameOct 29, 14May 22, 18POSCO
9663837 Device for recovering heat and fumes from slag resulting from the steel production cycleJun 03, 13May 30, 17G.A.P. S.P.A.
9499872 Iron reduction process and equipmentFeb 07, 13Nov 22, 16VALEAS RECYCLING AB, VAL'EAS RECYCLING SOLUTIONS AB,
9376730 Production of ironNov 03, 11Jun 28, 16TECHNOLOGICAL RESOURCES PTY. LIMITED
9365906 Process and device for charging into a smelting unitMar 06, 14Jun 14, 16PRIMETALS TECHNOLOGIES AUSTRIA GMBH
8945465 Compressive rod assembly for molten metal containment structureDec 08, 10Feb 03, 15NOVELIS INC.
8916116 Separation of iron from value metals in leaching of laterite oresDec 12, 12Dec 23, 14PROCESS RESEARCH ORTECH INC.
8808422 Method for increasing the penetration depth of an oxygen streamJul 27, 11Aug 19, 14PRIMETALS TECHNOLOGIES AUSTRIA GMBH
8449814 Systems and methods for melting scrap metalAug 09, 10May 28, 13MOLTEN METAL EQUIPMENT INNOVATIONS, LLC
8372333 Angled probe for vesselJan 08, 09Feb 12, 13GENERAL ELECTRIC COMPANY
8226885 Apparatus for bracing of sheet-metal joints in a high-temperature annealing furnaceNov 04, 08Jul 24, 12EBNER INDUSTRIEOFENBAU GMBH
8202476 Heat exchanger system used in steel makingOct 23, 07Jun 19, 12AMERIFAB, INC.
8158056 Reactor for producing metal nanoparticles and arrangement having the reactorFeb 21, 08Apr 17, 12SAMSUNG SDI CO., LTD.
8153050 Device for implementing a high efficiency method of scooping-up slag from liquid ironApr 05, 04Apr 10, 12Not available
8057736 Hearth structure of rotary furnace hearthSep 15, 06Nov 15, 11NIPPON STEEL CORPORATION, NIPPON STEEL ENGINEERING CO., LTD.,
8007712 Reinforced refractory crucibles for melting titanium alloysSep 28, 07Aug 30, 11GENERAL ELECTRIC COMPANY
7842229 Substrate processing apparatus and substrate rotating deviceOct 27, 05Nov 30, 10TOKYO ELECTRON LIMITED
7686900 Method for boltless heat treatment of thin flangesDec 05, 08Mar 30, 10GENERAL ELECTRIC COMPANY
7611665 Ladle bottomAug 17, 06Nov 03, 09VESUVIUS USA CORPORATION

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