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Subclass 20/02: Methods specially adapted for identifying library members Identifying library members by their fixed physical location on a support or substrate

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Patent #TitleFiling DateIssue DatePatent Owner
10203324 Combinatoric encoding methods for microarraysSep 30, 16Feb 12, 19Institute of Microelectronics National University of Singapore
10132801 Method for screening new drug candidate inhibiting target protein-protein interaction for development of first-in-class drugMay 28, 10Nov 20, 18Dongguk University Industry Academic Cooperation Foundation
10119958 Arrays and methods for guided cell patterningAug 25, 15Nov 06, 18University of Washington
10030261 Method and product for localized or spatial detection of nucleic acid in a tissue sampleApr 13, 12Jul 24, 18SPATIAL TRANSCRIPTOMICS AB
9945872 Biomarkers of lung functionJul 03, 12Apr 17, 18LINEAGEN, INC.
9897602 Microarray substrate, microarray, microfluidic system and methods for preparing the sameJul 29, 14Feb 20, 18THE CHINESE UNIVERSITY OF HONG KONG
9844764 Protein or peptide printing method, protein array or peptide array, and functional protein or functional peptide identification methodFeb 21, 13Dec 19, 17NIKON CORPORATION, THE UNIVERSITY OF TOKYO,
9803236 Microarray-based assay integrated with particles for analyzing molecular interactionsAug 06, 10Oct 31, 17CAPITALBIO CORPORATION, TSINGHUA UNIVERSITY,
9746466 Integrated compound discovery systems and methodsDec 21, 12Aug 29, 17WAKE FOREST UNIVERSITY HEALTH SCIENCES, NanoMedica LLC,
9675954 Device and method for real-time detection of molecular accumulations and/or monitoring the production process of a molecular microarrayMay 23, 13Jun 13, 17ALBERT-LUDWIGS-UNIVERSITAET FREIBURG
9671344 High-density biochemical array chips with asynchronous tracks for alignment correction by moiré averagingAug 30, 11Jun 06, 17Complete Genomics, Inc.
9486770 Combinatoric encoding methods for microarraysJul 19, 13Nov 08, 16NATIONAL UNIVERSITY OF SINGAPORE
9481945 Methods and devices for multiplexed microarray microfluidic analysis of biomoleculesAug 29, 12Nov 01, 16THE ROYAL INSTITUTION FOR THE ADVANCEMENT OF LEARNING/MCGILL UNIVERSITY
9395360 Microarray system and a process for producing microarraysOct 21, 13Jul 19, 16NATIONAL UNIVERSITY OF SINGAPORE
9328366 Method for mass production of high-purity oligonucleotidesJun 15, 12May 03, 16SNU R&DB FOUNDATION
9255289 Geometric patterns and lipid bilayers for DNA molecule organization and uses thereofOct 25, 10Feb 09, 16THE TRUSTEES OF COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY IN THE CITY OF NEW YORK
9212430 Method for the electro-addressable functionalization of electrode arraysOct 31, 07Dec 15, 15SANDIA CORPORATION
9181581 Automatic genechip array diagnosing apparatusMar 26, 14Nov 10, 15FOOYIN UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL
9163329 RNA labeling methodJan 19, 12Oct 20, 15AGILENT TECHNOLOGIES, INC.
9146229 Arrays and methods for guided cell patterningMar 18, 13Sep 29, 15UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON

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