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Subclass 1/00: General working methods with dredgers or soil-shifting machines (methods for making embankments E02D 17/18; methods for mining E21C)

Recent Patents

Patent #TitleFiling DateIssue DatePatent Owner
10399196 Device for hydraulic hammerApr 26, 11Sep 03, 19Finnsuoja Oy
10280585 Method and facility for manufacturing a continuous wall in the groundJun 11, 14May 07, 19Soletanche Freyssinet
10248127 Systems and methods for pile spacingMay 23, 17Apr 02, 19Caterpillar Inc.
10132060 Implement orientation by image processingFeb 27, 17Nov 20, 18Caterpillar Inc.
10081925 Method for constructing building through gravity and weight of the building structureDec 30, 16Sep 25, 18Not available
10060097 Excavation system having inter-machine monitoring and controlJan 04, 16Aug 28, 18Caterpillar Inc.
10047500 Remote controlled compaction machineNov 04, 15Aug 14, 18Wacker Neuson Production Americas LLC
10011974 Implement control based on noise valuesFeb 07, 17Jul 03, 18Caterpillar Trimble Control Technologies LLC
10006187 Seafloor nodule concentrating system and methodFeb 11, 14Jun 26, 18NAUTILUS MINERALS SINGAPORE PTE LTD
10000398 In-situ purification island structure and the construction method thereofDec 05, 14Jun 19, 18NANJING UNIVERSITY ECOLOGICAL RESEARCH INSTITUTE OF CHANGSHU
9834906 Beach umbrella with built-in hole diggerMay 11, 17Dec 05, 17Not available
9783955 System and method for moving materialNov 09, 16Oct 10, 17CATERPILLAR INC.
9598844 Implement control based on surface-based cost function and noise valuesDec 22, 15Mar 21, 17CATERPILLAR TRIMBLE CONTROL TECHNOLOGIES LLC
9297145 Excavation system providing linkage placement trainingMay 01, 14Mar 29, 16CATERPILLAR INC.
9267837 Methods and systems for active load weight for mining excavating equipmentMar 31, 14Feb 23, 16SIEMENS INDUSTRY, INC.
9260834 Controlling a crowd parameter of an industrial machineJan 21, 15Feb 16, 16HARNISCHFEGER TECHNOLOGIES, INC.
9052394 Method and apparatus for detecting buried objectsOct 06, 09Jun 09, 15LOUISIANA TECH RESEARCH CORPORATION
9022687 Systems and methods for creating gravel barsOct 05, 13May 05, 15Not available
8858151 Machine having hydraulically actuated implement system with down force control, and methodAug 16, 11Oct 14, 14CATERPILLAR INC.
8850725 Device and system for excavating and backfilling soilAug 23, 11Oct 07, 14RHL Holdings, LLC

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Recent Publications

Publication #TitleFiling DatePub DatePatent Owner
2015/0376,869 Method and Apparatus for Machine SynchronizationJun 23, 15Dec 31, 15TOPCON POSITIONING SYSTEMS, INC.

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