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Subclass 1/01: Domestic plumbing installations for fresh water or waste water; Sinks for combinations of baths, showers, sinks, wash-basins, closets, urinals, or the like

Recent Patents

Patent #TitleFiling DateIssue DatePatent Owner
10441076 SinkJan 25, 18Oct 15, 19LG Electronics Inc.
10405703 Portable shower enclosureAug 14, 17Sep 10, 19Not available
10294642 Lavatory system with integrated hand dryerJul 14, 17May 21, 19Bradley Fixtures Corporation
10227762 Toilet tank washbasinApr 12, 17Mar 12, 19Not available
10179988 Systems, methods, and devices relating to a urinalSep 09, 16Jan 15, 19Walor, Inc.
10172498 Hand dryer with point of ingress dependent air delay and filter sensorDec 12, 15Jan 08, 19Bradley Fixtures Corporation
10042370 Replacement of fluid in freshwater networksNov 07, 16Aug 07, 18Trimble Inc.
9993118 Relocatable decontamination station and lavatoryNov 21, 16Jun 12, 18Pharmaceuticals.Org, Inc. dba Toilet Trailers, Inc.
9982422 Fixture for a sinkJan 13, 16May 29, 18DYSON TECHNOLOGY LIMITED
9963233 Modular monument assembly with shared water systemFeb 27, 17May 08, 18C&D Zodiac, Inc.
9909286 Portable half bathroomOct 22, 12Mar 06, 18Not available
9879410 Cold bathing water to toilet diverting apparatusMar 12, 15Jan 30, 18Not available
9782045 Under mud shower pan with seatMar 26, 15Oct 10, 17INNOVATIVE LEAK SOLUTIONS, INC.
9745730 Toilet tank structureDec 02, 15Aug 29, 17Not available
9702483 Sanitary apparatusAug 24, 12Jul 11, 17UUBEE PTY LTD
9642505 Lavatory system with hand dryerApr 03, 15May 09, 17BRADLEY FIXTURES CORPORATION
9630856 Water filter faucet and cartridge thereforApr 13, 12Apr 25, 17Not available
9615700 Urinal with hand washing functionalityJun 10, 14Apr 11, 17Not available
9551134 Domestic-water supply and withdrawal system for a washstand and sampling valve for such a systemJan 08, 14Jan 24, 17GEBR. KEMPER GMBH + CO. KG METALLWERKE
9486118 Fixture for a sinkMay 16, 12Nov 08, 16DYSON TECHNOLOGY LIMITED

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Recent Publications

Publication #TitleFiling DatePub DatePatent Owner
2019/0226,185 WHEELCHAIR ACCESSIBLE HOME ADDITION SYSTEMMar 11, 19Jul 25, 19Not available
2018/0321,696 REPLACEMENT OF FLUID IN FRESHWATER NETWORKSJul 16, 18Nov 08, 18Not available
2018/0106,028 WATER DISPOSABLE SYSTEM USING UNWANTED WATEROct 19, 16Apr 19, 18Not available

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