F01D 1/00






Subclass 1/00: Non-positive-displacement machines or engines, e.g. steam turbines (with working-fluid flows in opposite axial directions for balancing axial thrust F01D 3/02; with other than pure rotation F01D 23/00; turbines characterised by their use in special steam systems, cycles, or processes, regulating devices therefor F01K)

Recent Patents

Patent #TitleFiling DateIssue DatePatent Owner
10563580 Engine sump with air separation featuresMay 16, 17Feb 18, 20Rolls-Royce Corporation
10527044 Side channel blower, especially for a vehicle heaterMay 30, 17Jan 07, 20Eberspächer Climate Control Systems GmbH & Co. KG
10526897 Cooling passages for gas turbine engine componentSep 30, 15Jan 07, 20United Technologies Corporation
10502066 Turbine engine component including an axially aligned skin core passage interrupted by a pedestalMay 08, 15Dec 10, 19United Technologies Corporation
10458258 Double snapped cover plate for rotor diskJan 30, 13Oct 29, 19United Technologies Corporation
10374477 Electric machine with separable magnet carrierMar 17, 17Aug 06, 19General Electric Company
10358923 Cooling device, gas turbine installation provided with same, and method for operating cooling deviceMay 20, 15Jul 23, 19MITSUBISHI HITACHI POWER SYSTEMS, LTD.
10302007 Turbine housing and associated exhaust-gas turbochargerMar 23, 16May 28, 19BMTS Technology GmbH & Co. KG
10247017 System and method for gas bearing support of turbineJun 29, 16Apr 02, 19General Electric Company
10125610 Air turbine engine for moving vehicleApr 27, 10Nov 13, 18Not available
10041364 Inner diffuser case cone and skirtNov 03, 15Aug 07, 18United Technologies Corporation
10036265 Axial flow expanderJun 27, 14Jul 31, 18Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Compressor Corporation
10024188 High temperature composite inner fixed structureMar 02, 15Jul 17, 18Rohr Inc.
10006308 Mid-turbine frame with fairing attachmentSep 11, 13Jun 26, 18United Technologies Corporation
9981265 Microfluidic mixing deviceApr 20, 16May 29, 18Hewlett-Packard Company
9945237 Lock for retaining minidisks with rotors of a gas turbine engineDec 18, 13Apr 17, 18United Technologies Corporation
9909442 Method of controlling a position actuation system component for a gas turbine engineJul 02, 15Mar 06, 18GENERAL ELECTRIC COMPANY
9891123 Wheel fastening inspection method, wheel fastening method, wheel fastening inspection device and wheel fastening deviceJun 16, 15Feb 13, 18IHI CORPORATION
9863287 Heat engine system with a supercritical working fluid and processes thereofJul 20, 15Jan 09, 18ECHOGEN POWER SYSTEMS, LLC
9850781 Steam turbineJun 26, 14Dec 26, 17KABUSHIKI KAISHA TOSHIBA

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Recent Publications

Publication #TitleFiling DatePub DatePatent Owner
2020/0049,011 SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR FLUID MANIPULATIONOct 22, 19Feb 13, 20Not available

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