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Subclass 1/04: Air cooling (propelling cooling-air or liquid coolants F01P 5/00; controlling supply or circulation of coolants F01P 7/00) Arrangements for cooling pistons

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Patent #TitleFiling DateIssue DatePatent Owner
10294888 Piston balancing heat dissipation and combustion properties in internal combustion engineSep 01, 16May 21, 19Caterpillar Inc.
10294887 Piston providing for reduced heat loss using cooling mediaNov 15, 16May 21, 19Tenneco Inc.
10227948 Piston for an internal combustion engineDec 18, 15Mar 12, 19MAHLE International GmbH
10208704 Piston cooling configurations utilizing lubricating oil from a bearing reservoir in an opposed-piston engineMar 05, 15Feb 19, 19Achates Power Inc.
10174713 Piston thermal management in an opposed-piston engineSep 26, 16Jan 08, 19Achates Power Inc.
10060327 Piston for internal combustion engine, and cooling channel coreMay 24, 16Aug 28, 18DONG YANG PISTON CO., LTD.
9951715 Sub-assembly consisting of a piston and an injection nozzle for an internal combustion engineAug 22, 14Apr 24, 18Mahle International GmbH
9915222 Diesel piston with semi-hemispherical crownMar 24, 15Mar 13, 18CUMMINS INC.
9869268 Monolithic, galleryless piston and method of construction thereofNov 07, 14Jan 16, 18FEDERAL-MOGUL LLC
9869212 Columnar hydraulic tappetFeb 26, 15Jan 16, 18HANGZHOU XZB TECH CO.,LTD
9869269 Piston for an internal combustion engineMay 28, 14Jan 16, 18MAHLE INTERNATIONAL GMBH
9828900 Oil jet apparatus of internal combustion engineAug 28, 13Nov 28, 17AISIN SEIKI KABUSHIKI KAISHA, TOYOTA JIDOSHA KABUSHIKI KAISHA,
9828908 Device for internal cooling and pressurization of rotary engineJan 25, 17Nov 28, 17NATIONAL CHUNG SHAN INSTITUTE OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY
9822742 Valve for controlling piston cooling jets in an internal combustion engineFeb 19, 15Nov 21, 17GM GLOBAL TECHNOLOGY OPERATIONS LLC
9784211 Piston for an internal combustion engineJul 18, 13Oct 10, 17MAHLE INTERNATIONAL GMBH
9771891 Piston for an internal combustion engineMay 28, 14Sep 26, 17MAHLE INTERNATIONAL GMBH
9759119 Piston cooling for opposed-piston enginesJan 14, 15Sep 12, 17ACHATES POWER, INC.
9726077 Connecting rod and internal combustion engineFeb 04, 15Aug 08, 17DR. ING. H.C. F. PORSCHE AKTIENGESELLSCHAFT
9624825 Orbital non-reciprocating internal combustion engineDec 02, 15Apr 18, 17Not available
9546632 Two-stroke engine with fuel injectionOct 15, 14Jan 17, 17HONDA MOTOR CO., LTD.

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