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Subclass 1/08: Engines characterised by fuel-air mixture compression (characterised by both fuel-air mixture compression and air compression, or characterised by both positive ignition and compression ignition F02B 11/00; characterised by precombustion chambers F02B 19/00; characterised by air-storage chambers F02B 21/00; characterised by special shape or construction of combustion chambers F02B 23/00) with positive ignition (with non-timed positive ignition F02B 9/06) with separate admission of air and fuel into cylinder

Recent Patents

Patent #TitleFiling DateIssue DatePatent Owner
10590898 Internal combustion engine with injection device arranged in the cylinder barrel, and method for operating an internal combustion engine of said typeJun 22, 17Mar 17, 20Ford Global Technologies, LLC
9777651 Managing shift energy in a transmission of a vehicleOct 16, 14Oct 03, 17JAGUAR LAND ROVER LIMITED, JAQUAR LAND ROVER LIMITED,
9175614 Gas fuel admission system for a gas fired engineOct 12, 10Nov 03, 15CATERPILLAR MOTOREN GMBH & CO. KG
7762243 Single nozzle direct injection system for rapidly variable gasoline/anti-knock agent mixturesJan 28, 10Jul 27, 10Ethanol Boosting Systems, LLC
7493897 Fuel supply apparatus and fuel supply control apparatus for internal-combustion engineOct 17, 07Feb 24, 09DENSO CORPORATION
6138639 In-cylinder direct-injection spark-ignition engineJan 07, 99Oct 31, 00NISSAN MOTOR CO., LTD.
5692468 Fuel-injected internal combustion engine with improved combustionJul 25, 95Dec 02, 97BRP US INC.

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