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Subclass 1/14: Engines characterised by fuel-air mixture compression (characterised by both fuel-air mixture compression and air compression, or characterised by both positive ignition and compression ignition F02B 11/00; characterised by precombustion chambers F02B 19/00; characterised by air-storage chambers F02B 21/00; characterised by special shape or construction of combustion chambers F02B 23/00) with compression ignition (with fuel-air charge ignited by compression ignition of an additional fuel F02B 7/00) Methods of operating

Recent Patents

Patent #TitleFiling DateIssue DatePatent Owner
10400690 Control device for internal combustion engineJan 12, 18Sep 03, 19Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha
10352228 Liquid and gaseous multi-fuel compression ignition enginesOct 03, 16Jul 16, 19STURMAN DIGITAL SYSTEMS LLC
10113453 Multi-fuel compression ignition engineApr 24, 15Oct 30, 18Not available
9932894 Variable compression ratio engines and methods for HCCI compression ignition operationAug 26, 14Apr 03, 18STURMAN DIGITAL SYSTEMS LLC
9874169 Control device of compression-ignition engineAug 20, 14Jan 23, 18MAZDA MOTOR CORPORATION
9850812 Engine combustion control at low loads via fuel reactivity stratificationOct 06, 14Dec 26, 17WISCONSIN ALUMNI RESEARCH FOUNDATION
9835079 Engine control methodJun 10, 09Dec 05, 17ALVAR ENGINE AB
9546613 Control device of compression-ignition engineAug 20, 14Jan 17, 17MAZDA MOTOR CORPORATION
9546617 Gasoline direct-injection engineNov 19, 14Jan 17, 17MAZDA MOTOR CORPORATION
9470154 Transition from homogeneous charge compression ignition combustion mode to spark ignited combustionMay 31, 13Oct 18, 16GM GLOBAL TECHNOLOGY OPERATIONS LLC
9441573 Two-stroke reciprocating piston injection-ignition or compression-ignition engineDec 09, 15Sep 13, 16Combustion Engine Technologies, LLC
9140199 Combustion mode switching with a turbocharged/supercharged engineNov 16, 12Sep 22, 15ROBERT BOSCH GMBH, ROBERT BOSCH LLC,
9022006 Method and devices for process intensified wall integrated operations for IC enginesNov 04, 12May 05, 15Not available
8869770 Compression ignition engine having fuel system for non-sooting combustion and methodJun 17, 11Oct 28, 14CATERPILLAR INC.
8851045 Engine combustion control at low loads via fuel reactivity stratificationMar 31, 11Oct 07, 14WISCONSIN ALUMNI RESEARCH FOUNDATION
7654246 Apparatus and method for controlling transient operation of an engine operating in a homogeneous charge compression ignition combustion modeOct 04, 07Feb 02, 10SOUTHWEST RESEARCH INSTITUTE
7373917 Method for operating a hybrid vehicleSep 01, 05May 20, 08AVL LIST GMBH
7302918 Method and apparatus for providing for high EGR gaseous-fuelled direct injection internal combustion engineMar 28, 06Dec 04, 07THE UNIVERSITY OF BRITISH COLUMBIA, WESTPORT POWER INC.,
7198024 Low emissions compression ignited engine technologyJan 17, 06Apr 03, 07CATERPILLAR INC.
7021276 Control strategy for HCCI-CD combustion in a diesel engine using two fuel injection phasesMar 25, 04Apr 04, 06INTERNATIONAL ENGINE INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY COMPANY, LLC

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Recent Publications

Publication #TitleFiling DatePub DatePatent Owner
2019/0284,987 Liquid and Gaseous Multi-Fuel Compression Ignition EnginesJun 06, 19Sep 19, 19Not available

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