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Subclass 3/00: Engines characterised by air compression and subsequent fuel addition (characterised by both fuel-air mixture compression and air compression, or characterised by both positive ignition and compression ignition F02B 11/00; characterised by precombustion chambers F02B 19/00; characterised by air-storage chambers F02B 21/00; characterised by special shape or construction of combustion chambers F02B 23/00)

Recent Patents

Patent #TitleFiling DateIssue DatePatent Owner
10598102 Duel-fuel injector, internal combustion engine having such a dual-fuel injector, and method for operating such an internal combustion engineJan 20, 17Mar 24, 20MTU Friedrichshafen GmbH
10465616 Dual-fuel constructions for opposed-piston engines with shaped combustion chambersJul 31, 14Nov 05, 19Achates Power Inc.
10393721 Systems and methods for determining the composition of gaseous fuelAug 17, 15Aug 27, 19Cummins, Inc.
10364775 Water-injection anti-freezing systemAug 16, 16Jul 30, 19Ford Global Technologies, LLC
10337415 Method for operating an internal combustion engineMar 26, 13Jul 02, 19Daimler AG
10260444 Direct injection fuel system with controlled accumulator energy storageDec 19, 13Apr 16, 19FCA US LLC
10240566 Throttle device for controlling an amount of fuel to be supplied to a fuel injection nozzle, as well as an injection deviceAug 06, 15Mar 26, 19CONTINENTAL AUTOMOTIVE GMBH
10180123 Method for producing injectors, in particular fuel injectorsJun 23, 14Jan 15, 19CONTINENTAL AUTOMOTIVE GMBH
10167809 Multi-pulse fuel injection system and control logic for internal combustion engine assembliesJul 26, 17Jan 01, 19GM Global Technology Operations LLC
10161346 Adjusting pump volume commands for direct injection fuel pumpsJun 09, 14Dec 25, 18Ford Global Technologies, LLC
10094324 System and method of operating an internal combustion engineMay 30, 13Oct 09, 18General Electric Company
10082108 Fuel injector for operation with combustible gasJan 07, 16Sep 25, 18Firma L'Orange GmbH
10082098 Systems and methods for controlling fluid injectionsOct 21, 16Sep 25, 18GM Global Technology Operations LLC
10041435 Direct injection fuel system with controlled accumulator energy storage and deliveryDec 16, 14Aug 07, 18FCA US LLC
9932930 Piston with reduced top land height and tight top land piston profileJan 14, 14Apr 03, 18General Electric Company
9903325 Dual fuel fuel-injectorDec 28, 16Feb 27, 18L'ORANGE GMBH
9890754 Control apparatus for a vehicleJul 23, 14Feb 13, 18TOYOTA JIDOSHA KABUSHIKI KAISHA
9874185 Direct injection pump control for low fuel pumping volumesMay 21, 14Jan 23, 18FORD GLOBAL TECHNOLOGIES, LLC
9863361 Diesel engine control device and control methodMay 27, 14Jan 09, 18NISSAN MOTOR CO., LTD.
9856838 Dual fuel fuel-injectorJan 19, 17Jan 02, 18L'ORANGE GMBH

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Recent Publications

Publication #TitleFiling DatePub DatePatent Owner
2019/0242,293 AN ALTERNATE PROCEDURE FOR OPERATING AN IC ENGINEOct 16, 17Aug 08, 19Not available

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