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Subclass 3/08: Engines characterised by air compression and subsequent fuel addition (characterised by both fuel-air mixture compression and air compression, or characterised by both positive ignition and compression ignition F02B 11/00; characterised by precombustion chambers F02B 19/00; characterised by air-storage chambers F02B 21/00; characterised by special shape or construction of combustion chambers F02B 23/00) with compression ignition (F02B 13/02 takes precedence; with fuel-air charge ignited by compression ignition of an additional fuel F02B 7/00) Methods of operating (F02B 3/12 takes precedence)

Recent Patents

Patent #TitleFiling DateIssue DatePatent Owner
10576481 Method of integrated flow control for the sprinkler activated generatorNov 04, 15Mar 03, 20JAIN IRRIGATION SYSTEMS LIMITED
10400690 Control device for internal combustion engineJan 12, 18Sep 03, 19Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha
10378427 Nitrogen enriched air supply for gasoline compression ignition combustionMar 31, 17Aug 13, 19Saudi Arabian Oil Company
9920683 Systems and method for controlling auto-ignitionFeb 26, 14Mar 20, 18GENERAL ELECTRIC COMPANY
9903262 Stoichiometric high-temperature direct-injection compression-ignition engineApr 06, 15Feb 27, 18THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES OF THE LELAND STANFORD JUNIOR UNIVERSITY
9862905 Diesel fuel with improved ignition characteristicsApr 07, 15Jan 09, 18SHELL OIL COMPANY
9719441 Control device for compression ignition-type engineOct 23, 14Aug 01, 17MAZDA MOTOR CORPORATION
9677465 Natural gas engine and operation method for natural gas engineNov 08, 13Jun 13, 17ISUZU MOTORS LIMITED
9638146 Gasoline direct-injection engineFeb 23, 15May 02, 17MAZDA MOTOR CORPORATION
9506418 System and method for compensating cetaneDec 02, 14Nov 29, 16FORD GLOBAL TECHNOLOGIES, LLC
9464579 Isothermal compression based combustion engineNov 20, 14Oct 11, 16Not available
8863723 Hybrid cycle rotary engineFeb 04, 13Oct 21, 14LIQUIDPISTON, INC.
8783227 Engine control method and apparatusJan 24, 11Jul 22, 14MAZDA MOTOR CORPORATION
8701627 Arrangement and method for efficient combustion of fuel in a combustion engineFeb 11, 08Apr 22, 14SCANIA CV AB
8434450 Method for operating a direct-injection spark-assisted compression-ignition engineJan 27, 10May 07, 13GM GLOBAL TECHNOLOGY OPERATIONS LLC
8327822 Diesel engineSep 16, 08Dec 11, 12DENSO CORPORATION, YANMAR CO., LTD.,
8032293 Method of controlling an internal combustion engine, in particular a diesel engineJun 09, 08Oct 04, 11DAIMLER AG
7942126 Method for operating an internal combustion engine and internal combustion engine for such a methodNov 03, 08May 17, 11DAIMLER AG
7290520 Fuel injector nozzle for an internal combustion engineFeb 15, 06Nov 06, 07CATERPILLAR INC.
7246595 Diesel engine with differential cylinder group operationJun 28, 06Jul 24, 07FORD GLOBAL TECHNOLOGIES, LLC

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Recent Publications

Publication #TitleFiling DatePub DatePatent Owner
2018/0306,098 Stoichiometric High-Temperature Direct-Injection Compression-Ignition EngineJun 25, 18Oct 25, 18Not available
2018/0238,225 SYSTEMS AND METHOD FOR CONTROLLING AUTO-IGNITIONFeb 06, 18Aug 23, 18Not available
2018/0209,326 Fully Flexible, Self-Optimizing, Digital Hydraulic Engines and Methods with PreheatMar 22, 18Jul 26, 18Not available

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