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Subclass 3/10: Engines characterised by air compression and subsequent fuel addition (characterised by both fuel-air mixture compression and air compression, or characterised by both positive ignition and compression ignition F02B 11/00; characterised by precombustion chambers F02B 19/00; characterised by air-storage chambers F02B 21/00; characterised by special shape or construction of combustion chambers F02B 23/00) with compression ignition (F02B 13/02 takes precedence; with fuel-air charge ignited by compression ignition of an additional fuel F02B 7/00) with intermittent fuel introduction

Recent Patents

Patent #TitleFiling DateIssue DatePatent Owner
10233850 Supervisory control of a compression ignition engineOct 14, 15Mar 19, 19DELPHI TECHNOLOGIES IP LIMITED
8924136 Device and method for controlling start of compression self-ignition engineAug 24, 12Dec 30, 14MAZDA MOTOR CORPORATION
8904996 Method and control unit for operating an injector of an internal combustion engineDec 12, 11Dec 09, 14ROBERT BOSCH GMBH
8844497 Method of operating a dual fuel combustion engine of the diesel-type and a dual fuel combustion engine of the diesel-type operable according to such methodJul 03, 09Sep 30, 14VOLVO TRUCK CORPORATION
8620563 Fuel supply apparatus for internal combustion engineApr 27, 11Dec 31, 13HONDA MOTOR CO., LTD.
8206204 Control unit heat managementSep 21, 06Jun 26, 12FORD GLOBAL TECHNOLOGIES, LLC
7934484 Method and device for controlling an internal combustion engine when changing operating modesSep 04, 06May 03, 11CONTINENTAL AUTOMOTIVE GMBH
7918207 Fuel delivery system for multi-fuel engineJan 02, 09Apr 05, 11FORD GLOBAL TECHNOLOGIES, LLC
7881856 Apparatus for and method of controlling fuel injection of engineApr 01, 09Feb 01, 11HITACHI, LTD.
7861686 Fuel injection control apparatus and fuel injection control methodJun 11, 08Jan 04, 11TOYOTA JIDOSHA KABUSHIKI KAISHA
7769535 Method and device for dosing fuel which is to be injected into a combustion chamber of an internal combustion engineJan 21, 09Aug 03, 10HYUNDAI MOTOR COMPANY, HYUNDAI MOTOR EUROPE TECHNICAL CENTER GMBH, KIA MOTORS CORPORATION,
7740000 Method and apparatus for injecting fuel into a compression-ignition engineDec 14, 07Jun 22, 10GM GLOBAL TECHNOLOGY OPERATIONS LLC
7740001 Fuel injection systemMar 10, 06Jun 22, 10VOLVO LASTVAGNAR AB
7578280 Fuel injection system designed to enhance uniformity of size of atomized particles of fuelJul 03, 07Aug 25, 09DENSO CORPORATION
7426916 Multi-stroke internal combustion engine for facilitation of auto-ignition operationOct 30, 06Sep 23, 08FORD GLOBAL TECHNOLOGIES, LLC
7415348 Multiple injection blend for direct injected enginesFeb 20, 07Aug 19, 08GM GLOBAL TECHNOLOGY OPERATIONS LLC
7334562 Homogenous charge compression ignition engine controlOct 24, 05Feb 26, 08FORD GLOBAL TECHNOLOGIES, LLC
7322339 Apparent torque reserve at idle for direct injected enginesSep 11, 06Jan 29, 08GM GLOBAL TECHNOLOGY OPERATIONS LLC
7255087 Method for controlling an injection system of an internal combustion engineAug 02, 06Aug 14, 07ROBERT BOSCH GMBH
7240660 Heat management for control unitSep 21, 06Jul 10, 07FORD GLOBAL TECHNOLOGIES, LLC

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