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Subclass 1/00: Carburettors with means for facilitating engine's starting or its idling below operational temperatures

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Patent #TitleFiling DateIssue DatePatent Owner
10550776 Systems and methods for reducing vehicle valve degradationNov 13, 18Feb 04, 20Ford Global Technologies, LLC
10526985 Evaporated fuel processing deviceFeb 27, 17Jan 07, 20AISAN KOGYO KABUSHIKI KAISHA
10514010 Fuel level estimation device and abnormality diagnostic apparatus for closed fuel vapor systemOct 17, 18Dec 24, 19Honda Motor Co. Ltd.
10480457 Two-stroke reciprocating piston combustion engineJan 20, 14Nov 19, 19Not available
10309336 Control device for fuel injection valveJan 29, 16Jun 04, 19Hitachi Automotive Systems, Ltd.
10294884 System for controlling injection of fuel in engineDec 09, 14May 21, 19GE Global Sourcing LLC
10260407 Gas quality virtual sensor for an internal combustion engineJan 25, 17Apr 16, 19Cummins Inc.
10247116 Hydrocarbon vapor start techniques using a purge pump and hydrocarbon sensorMay 25, 16Apr 02, 19FCA US LLC
10233861 Method of operating an internal combustion engineJul 12, 17Mar 19, 19GM Global Technology Operatons LLC
10221812 CanisterDec 11, 17Mar 05, 19Futaba Industrial Co., Ltd.
10215130 Choke override for an engineFeb 10, 12Feb 26, 19Briggs & Stratton Corporation
10174697 Fuel supply device for LPDI engine and start control method of LPDI engine having the fuel supply deviceMay 31, 17Jan 08, 19Hyundai Motor Company; Kia Motors Corporation;
10161348 Method and system for fuel control in a vehicle propulsion systemJul 25, 17Dec 25, 18Not available
10151275 Fuel vapor processing apparatusDec 30, 17Dec 11, 18Aisan Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha
10125717 Method of operating a fuel injector of an internal combustion engine of a motor vehicleNov 28, 16Nov 13, 18GM Global Technology Operations LLC
10119507 Rotating fuel injector assemblyJul 17, 17Nov 06, 18Not available
9970391 Techniques for monitoring purge flow and detecting vapor canister leaks in an evaporative emissions systemMay 25, 16May 15, 18FCA US LLC
9932936 Carburetor choke removal mechanism for pressure washersNov 11, 15Apr 03, 18Briggs & Stratton Corporation
9903321 Apparatus and method for operating a plurality of hydraulic pumpsOct 23, 14Feb 27, 18WESTPORT POWER INC.
9903263 Fuel reformer system for multiple combustion chambersMay 24, 16Feb 27, 18CATERPILLAR INC.

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