F04B 1/00






Subclass 1/00: Multi-cylinder machines or pumps characterised by number or arrangement of cylinders (F04B 3/00 takes precedence; fluid-driven pumps F04B 9/08; control of reciprocating machines or pumps in general F04B 49/00)

Recent Patents

Patent #TitleFiling DateIssue DatePatent Owner
10597016 Brake system for a motor vehicleNov 09, 17Mar 24, 20Audi AG
10502004 Metal-to-metal sealed power connection for submersible pump motorSep 29, 17Dec 10, 19Baker Hughes, a GE company, LLC
10443727 Sealing ring assemblies configured for pressure lockingAug 09, 18Oct 15, 19EtaGen, Inc.
10437265 Performance monitoring of pump-valve systemApr 29, 14Oct 08, 19METSO FLOW CONTROL OY
10393630 Automated multiple sample processor having a plurality of piston pumpsApr 11, 17Aug 27, 19ALFRED-WEGENER-INSTITUT HELMHOLTZ-ZENTRUM FUER POLAR-UND MEERESFORSCHUNG
10393108 Reducing fluid pressure spikes in a pumping systemMar 30, 15Aug 27, 19Dowell -- A Division of Schlumberger Technology Corporation
10378538 Fluid end and center feed suction manifoldNov 17, 16Aug 13, 19Not available
10378537 System for detecting failure location in a pumpOct 06, 16Aug 13, 19Caterpillar Inc.
10358908 Tool and method for actively cooling downhole electronicsFeb 20, 18Jul 23, 19Vierko Enterprises, LLC
10352319 Calibration of a pumpJan 29, 15Jul 16, 19Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P.
10352284 Piston fuel pumpNov 20, 17Jul 16, 19Robert Bosch GmbH
10337508 Fluid-end of a high pressure pumpJun 17, 16Jul 02, 19GARDNER DENVER PETROLEUM PUMPS, LLC
10330153 Synchronized roller with free wheelsJan 02, 18Jun 25, 19Not available
10333443 Apparatus and method for controlling a deviceMar 27, 17Jun 25, 19Dialog Semiconductor (UK) Limited
10330097 Pump fluid end with integrated web portionApr 13, 18Jun 25, 19S.P.M. Flow Control Inc.
10309359 High-pressure fuel pumpOct 05, 16Jun 04, 19Robert Bosch GmbH
10294930 Electrochemical system with real time modification of composition and use of complex wave form in sameFeb 25, 15May 21, 19Xergy Inc.
10280884 Pump, in particular high-pressure fuel pumpOct 27, 15May 07, 19Robert Bosch GmbH
10246955 Self-aligning mud pump assemblyAug 03, 16Apr 02, 19Cameron International Corporation
10247449 Variable-capacity compressor, two-stage compression system and control method thereofMay 29, 18Apr 02, 19Gree Electric Appliances Inc. of Zhuhai

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Recent Publications

Publication #TitleFiling DatePub DatePatent Owner
2018/0230,977 PUMP FLUID END WITH INTEGRATED WEB PORTIONApr 13, 18Aug 16, 18Not available
2016/0265,518 System for coupling a piston for a hydraulic pump motorMar 08, 16Sep 15, 16Not available

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