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Subclass 1/07: Multi-cylinder machines or pumps characterised by number or arrangement of cylinders (F04B 3/00 takes precedence; fluid-driven pumps F04B 9/08; control of reciprocating machines or pumps in general F04B 49/00) having cylinders in star- or fan-arrangement Control by varying the relative eccentricity between two members, e.g. a cam and a drive shaft

Recent Patents

Patent #TitleFiling DateIssue DatePatent Owner
10378357 Hydraulic radial piston device with improved pressure transition mechanismJan 14, 16Aug 13, 19Eaton Intelligent Power Limited
9217424 Multi-speed hydraulic pumpAug 16, 12Dec 22, 15Harken, Inc.
9194380 Radial hydraulic pump with a variable eccentricity and deliveryOct 18, 12Nov 24, 15HYDR'AM, HYDR AM,
9188111 Displacement assembly for a fluid deviceDec 14, 09Nov 17, 15EATON CORPORATION
9115711 Method for determining the displacement of a radial piston machineNov 29, 10Aug 25, 15ZF FRIEDRICHSHAFEN AG
8734123 Converter for converting mechanical energy into hydraulic energy and robot implementing said converterMar 25, 09May 27, 14BIA
8668466 Variable displacement reciprocating pumpOct 11, 10Mar 11, 14SERVA CORPORATION
5634777 Radial piston fluid machine and/or adjustable rotorSep 30, 94Jun 03, 97WHITEMOSS, INC.
5547348 Radial piston fluid machine and/or adjustable rotorAug 22, 94Aug 20, 96WHITEMOSS, INC.

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Recent Publications

Publication #TitleFiling DatePub DatePatent Owner
2018/0073,492 HYDRAULIC RADIAL PISTON DEVICESep 01, 17Mar 15, 18Not available

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