F04B 1/24






Subclass 1/24: Multi-cylinder machines or pumps characterised by number or arrangement of cylinders (F04B 3/00 takes precedence; fluid-driven pumps F04B 9/08; control of reciprocating machines or pumps in general F04B 49/00) having cylinder axes coaxial with, or parallel or inclined to, main shaft axis having rotary cylinder block having two or more sets of cylinders or pistons inclined to main shaft axis

Recent Patents

Patent #TitleFiling DateIssue DatePatent Owner
10487826 Integrated lubrication pumpJun 26, 15Nov 26, 19DANFOSS POWER SOLUTIONS GMBH & CO OHG
10273946 Rotary fluid device with bent cylinder sleevesNov 06, 15Apr 30, 19Bronson & Bratton, Inc.
10151305 Bent-axis machine having minimum non-zero pivot angleDec 17, 13Dec 11, 18Wacker Neuson Linz GmbH
9879532 Adaptation of a hydraulic motorMay 27, 15Jan 30, 18DANFOSS POWER SOLUTIONS GMBH & CO. OHG
9657729 Axial piston machine having a basketMay 22, 14May 23, 17DANFOSS POWER SOLUTIONS INC.
9644617 Hydrostatic axial piston machineMar 21, 13May 09, 17ROBERT BOSCH GMBH
9556736 Hydraulic machine, in particular hydraulic pressure exchangerAug 04, 14Jan 31, 17DANFOSS A/S
9518568 Swash plate type variable displacement compressorJan 22, 15Dec 13, 16KABUSHIKI KAISHA TOYOTA JIDOSHOKKI
9321339 Vehicle with a hydraulic drive systemFeb 20, 14Apr 26, 16Innas B.V.
9228500 Fuel metering system electrically servoed metering pumpNov 13, 13Jan 05, 16HONEYWELL INTERNATIONAL INC.
9194381 Bent axis type axial piston pump/motorJun 08, 12Nov 24, 15KOMATSU LTD.
9121395 Method for assembling a bent-axis pump/motorSep 25, 13Sep 01, 15U.S. ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION AGENCY
9097113 Hydraulic pump/motor and method of suppressing pulsation of hydraulic pump/motorMar 16, 11Aug 04, 15KOMATSU LTD.
9050880 Zero turn drive apparatus and vehicleApr 28, 14Jun 09, 15HYDRO-GEAR LIMITED PARTNERSHIP
8727742 Micro compressorJun 15, 11May 20, 14KOREA ADVANCED INSTITUTE OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY
8707692 Two piece center section for a drive apparatusMay 20, 13Apr 29, 14HYDRO-GEAR LIMITED PARTNERSHIP
5129797 Equal velocity universal joint and axial piston pump motor device using the jointMay 21, 91Jul 14, 92HITACHI, LTD.

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Recent Publications

Publication #TitleFiling DatePub DatePatent Owner
2019/0226,464 A HYDRAULIC DEVICEMay 17, 17Jul 25, 19Not available

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