F04B 1/26






Subclass 1/26: Multi-cylinder machines or pumps characterised by number or arrangement of cylinders (F04B 3/00 takes precedence; fluid-driven pumps F04B 9/08; control of reciprocating machines or pumps in general F04B 49/00) having cylinder axes coaxial with, or parallel or inclined to, main shaft axis Control

Recent Patents

Patent #TitleFiling DateIssue DatePatent Owner
10502197 PumpDec 22, 17Dec 10, 19FNA Group, Inc.
10473097 System and method for speed control of variable speed pumping systemsSep 02, 15Nov 12, 19TIGERFLOW SYSTEMS, LLC
10280906 Hydraulic system for work machineJun 06, 17May 07, 19Kubota Corporation
10280913 Cryopump system, method of operating the same, and compressor unitMar 12, 14May 07, 19Sumitomo Heavy Industries Ltd.
10125761 System for supplying a pressurized liquid, method for supplying a pressurized liquid using said system, and machine for preparing beverages that includes said systemFeb 04, 13Nov 13, 18MINIMMA ESPRESSO, S.L.
10066618 Variable displacement compressor with an oil check valveNov 05, 14Sep 04, 18MAHLE International GmbH
10054119 Operating machineJan 31, 12Aug 21, 18Hitachi Construction Machinery Co., Ltd.
9879667 Variable load sense spring setting for axial piston open circuit pumpFeb 27, 15Jan 30, 18DANFOSS POWER SOLUTIONS INC.
9850884 PumpDec 01, 15Dec 26, 17FNA GROUP, INC.
9850887 Swash plate type variable displacement compressorJul 15, 15Dec 26, 17KABUSHIKI KAISHA TOYOTA JIDOSHOKKI
9850921 Control device for hydrostatic drivesJul 31, 13Dec 26, 17DANFOSS POWER SOLUTIONS GMBH & CO. OHG
9816498 Variable displacement swash-plate compressorMar 26, 14Nov 14, 17KABUSHIKI KAISHA TOYOTA JIDOSHOKKI
9803629 Variable displacement swash plate compressorMar 24, 15Oct 31, 17KABUSHIKI KAISHA TOYOTA JIDOSHOKKI
9790936 Variable displacement swash plate compressorMar 24, 15Oct 17, 17KABUSHIKI KAISHA TOYOTA JIDOSHOKKI
9765761 Electric actuator for drive apparatusAug 24, 15Sep 19, 17HYDRO-GEAR LIMITED PARTNERSHIP
9726163 Variable displacement swash plate type compressorFeb 25, 15Aug 08, 17KABUSHIKI KAISHA TOYOTA JIDOSHOKKI
9677552 Double-headed piston type swash plate compressorJul 14, 14Jun 13, 17KABUSHIKI KAISHA TOYOTA JIDOSHOKKI
9651037 Control valve for a variable displacement compressorApr 11, 13May 16, 17TGK CO., LTD.
9605693 Hydraulic pressure control device for swing motor for construction machineryJan 07, 13Mar 28, 17DOOSAN INFRACORE CO., LTD.
9523357 Variable displacement swash plate type compressorMar 24, 14Dec 20, 16KABUSHIKI KAISHA TOYOTA JIDOSHOKKI

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Recent Publications

Publication #TitleFiling DatePub DatePatent Owner
2020/0032,778 SERVO REGULATORMar 13, 18Jan 30, 20KYB Corporation
2019/0195,207 HYDRAULIC SYSTEM FOR WORK MACHINEFeb 28, 19Jun 27, 19Kubota Corporation

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