F16C 1/06






Subclass 1/06: Flexible shafts (flexible shafts in dental machines for boring or cutting A61C 1/18); Mechanical means for transmitting movement in a flexible sheathing for conveying rotary movements with guiding-sheathing, tube, or box (F16C 1/04 takes precedence; guiding-sheathings F16C 1/26)

Recent Patents

Patent #TitleFiling DateIssue DatePatent Owner
10582978 Shaft, E.G., for an electro-mechanical surgical deviceNov 15, 16Mar 10, 20Covidien LP
10533601 Casing for a flexible shaft assembly of a vehicle power seat adjusterMar 02, 18Jan 14, 20S.S. White Technologies, Inc.
10514049 Hydraulic actuator and torque transmission couplerMay 22, 17Dec 24, 19OGURA & CO., LTD.
10494994 Multi-application power unit for driving plural appliancesJun 25, 16Dec 03, 19Not available
10400815 Flex shaft—tool connection for power operated rotary knifeFeb 18, 16Sep 03, 19Bettcher Industries Inc.
10383653 System for excising anal fistula tracesJun 23, 14Aug 20, 19Not available
9677599 Insertion body, insertion apparatus, rotation unit and rotative force transmission unitMar 31, 14Jun 13, 17OLYMPUS CORPORATION
9546677 Methods and systems for powering a generator with a vehicle power take-offMar 18, 15Jan 17, 17FORD GLOBAL TECHNOLOGIES, LLC
9528544 Drive shaft assembly having a flexible, flocked drive shaft, and method for its manufactureNov 03, 14Dec 27, 16BROSE FAHRZEUGTEILE GMBH & CO. KOMMANDITGESELLSCHAFT, WUERZBURG
9504455 Shaft for an electro-mechanical surgical deviceJan 20, 15Nov 29, 16COVIDIEN LP
9358902 Holding device for an adjustment drive of a motor vehicle seatJul 05, 12Jun 07, 16C. ROB. HAMMERSTEIN GMBH & CO. KG
9265263 Flex shaft-tool connection for power operated rotary knifeMar 29, 12Feb 23, 16BETTCHER INDUSTRIES, INC.
9121438 Flex shaft with crimped lock sleeve for power operated rotary knifeMar 14, 13Sep 01, 15BETTCHER INDUSTRIES, INC.
9056559 Set of slideways, seat comprising such a set of slideways and support member for such a set of slidewaysNov 26, 08Jun 16, 15FAURECIA SIEGES D'AUTOMOBILE, FAURECIA SIÉGES D'AUTOMOBILE,
9011255 Drive shaft coupling having sealed interior passage for pressurized fluidJul 22, 11Apr 21, 15CROSSFORD INTERNATIONAL, LLC, Goodway Technologies Corporation,
8968107 Flex shaft-drive motor connection for power operated rotary knifeJan 06, 12Mar 03, 15BETTCHER INDUSTRIES, INC.
8932141 Flexible shaft arrangementOct 22, 10Jan 13, 15ECP ENTWICKLUNGSGESELLSCHAFT MBH
8900060 Shaft arrangement having a shaft which extends within a fluid-filled casingApr 29, 10Dec 02, 14ECP ENTWICKLUNGSGESELLSCHAFT MBH
8846183 Microfabricated elastomeric valve and pump systemsOct 20, 11Sep 30, 14CALIFORNIA INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY
8827820 Flexible shaft with interference fit capabilityApr 30, 13Sep 09, 14S.S. White Technologies Inc.

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Recent Publications

Publication #TitleFiling DatePub DatePatent Owner
2019/0234,451 METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR ACCESSING PIPELINE BEYOND P-TRAPFeb 01, 18Aug 01, 19Not available
2018/0238,446 SHIFT LINKAGE ASSEMBLY FOR A MANUAL TRANSMISSIONFeb 21, 17Aug 23, 18Not available

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