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Subclass 10/02: Combustion apparatus characterised by the combination of two or more combustion chambers including separate secondary combustion chambers

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Patent #TitleFiling DateIssue DatePatent Owner
10352561 Oxygen injected biomass to BTUs transformerJan 24, 18Jul 16, 19Not available
10340434 Combustion module having substantially uniform temperatureJan 19, 16Jul 02, 19Commissariat A L' Energie Atomique Et Aux Energies Alternatives
10247422 Combustion systemMar 27, 14Apr 02, 19Not available
10119701 Furnace combustion system and methodMay 05, 15Nov 06, 18Johnson Controls Technology Company
10101023 Solid fuel heating deviceApr 25, 14Oct 16, 18Incendia IP, LLC
10088150 Carbonized material production kilnJul 26, 13Oct 02, 18YAMAMOTO BIO-CHARCOAL MFG. CO., LTD.
9995489 Pellet stoveSep 17, 15Jun 12, 18Not available
9683745 Small, high efficient wood stoveMar 31, 14Jun 20, 17Not available
9310071 Combustion chamber for burning solid fuelsFeb 14, 08Apr 12, 16Not available
9194580 Burner for a thermal post-combustion deviceFeb 23, 10Nov 24, 15EISENMANN AG
9115894 Two-chamber eductor based incinerator with exhaust gas recirculationMar 01, 13Aug 25, 15The United States of America as represented by the Secretary of the Navy
9021966 Burner system for consumption of waste fuelJun 16, 14May 05, 15Not available
9016215 Solid fuel unit which burns solid fuels together with their volatile gasesMar 30, 11Apr 28, 15Not available
8997664 Gasification combustion systemDec 21, 12Apr 07, 15COVANTA ENERGY, LLC
8707875 Gasification combustion systemMay 18, 09Apr 29, 14COVANTA ENERGY, LLC
8701573 Gasification combustion systemMay 18, 10Apr 22, 14COVANTA ENERGY, LLC, Convanta Energy Corporation,
8607717 Batch waste gasification processDec 07, 07Dec 17, 13WTE Waste To Energy Canada, Inc.
8578869 Bottle furnaceApr 10, 08Nov 12, 13AL CHALABI, RIFAT, CHINOOK SCIENCES LLC,
8261677 Gasification boiler for solid fuels, in particular for bales of straw, with optimised exhaust gas valuesOct 07, 04Sep 11, 12FTF FUTURE TECHNOLOGIES FACTORY GMBH
8240258 Burner for waste plasticFeb 06, 09Aug 14, 12Not available

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