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Subclass 1/00: Direct-contact trickle coolers, e.g. cooling towers (building construction E04H 5/12; enclosed spaces cooled by trickle F25; component parts of trickle coolers F28F 25/00)

Recent Patents

Patent #TitleFiling DateIssue DatePatent Owner
11029093 Cooling tower with direct and indirect heat exchangerMar 30, 17Jun 08, 21Baltimore Aircoil Company Inc.
11014043 Capturing carbon dioxideJul 17, 19May 25, 21Carbon Engineering Ltd.
10998795 Cooling schemes and methods for cooling tower motorsAug 06, 19May 04, 21Prime Datum Development Company, LLC
10881031 Cooling system of data center computer room and data centerSep 18, 18Dec 29, 20Beijing Baidu Netcom Science and Technology Co., Ltd
10866002 Hybrid heat pump with improved dehumidificationOct 04, 17Dec 15, 20Climate Master Inc.
10845067 Hygroscopic cooling tower for waste water disposalMar 12, 18Nov 24, 20Energy & Enviornmental Research Center
10816270 Passive heat and mass transfer systemAug 27, 18Oct 27, 20Advanced Technology Management Group LLC
10808948 Heat dissipation systems with hygroscopic working fluidOct 15, 15Oct 20, 20ENERGY & ENVIRONMENTAL RESEARCH CENTER
10788224 Water-cooled fan and method for controlling multifunctional fanDec 21, 18Sep 29, 20JMATEK (ZHONGSHAN) LTD.
10775117 Water collection/deflection arrangementsSep 27, 17Sep 15, 20Baltimore Aircoil Company
10751664 Energy-efficient extraction of acid gas from flue gasesJun 05, 15Aug 25, 20Virginia Tech Intellectual Properties, Inc.
10757840 Data center core, shell, and airflow designApr 19, 18Aug 25, 20Microsoft Technology Licensing, LLC.
10719093 Direct-drive fan system with variable process controlJul 19, 18Jul 21, 20Prime Datum, Inc.
10678543 Analytic engine for use with remote monitoring data and imperfect asset modelsNov 07, 14Jun 09, 20BL Technologies, Inc.
10670028 Load bearing direct drive fan system with variable process controlFeb 05, 16Jun 02, 20Prime Datum Development Company, LLC
10668400 Quench column aftercoolerSep 26, 17Jun 02, 20Ineos Europe AG
10648747 Modular cooling tower with screwless FRP exteriorSep 10, 18May 12, 20Composite Cooling Solutions L.P.
10648682 Building provided with an air treatment systemJun 22, 15May 12, 20DUTCH INNOVATION IN AIR TREATMENT BV
10598448 Integrated fan drive system for cooling towerAug 04, 18Mar 24, 20Prime Datum, Inc.
10602643 Cooling system and method using hydrothermal energyJul 26, 18Mar 24, 20Naver Business Platform Corp.

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Recent Publications

Publication #TitleFiling DatePub DatePatent Owner
2021/0055,056 PASSIVE HEAT AND MASS TRANSFER SYSTEMOct 26, 20Feb 25, 21Advanced Technology Management Group LLC
2021/0031,212 SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR COLLECTING FLUID FROM A GAS STREAMJun 30, 20Feb 04, 21Not available
2020/0363,145 Water Collection/Deflection ArrangementJul 31, 20Nov 19, 20Not available
2020/0200,494 Integrated Fan Drive System For Cooling TowerMar 04, 20Jun 25, 20Not available
2019/0257,583 HEAT EXCHANGER APPARATUSOct 11, 17Aug 22, 19Not available
2018/0363,986 PASSIVE HEAT AND MASS TRANSFER SYSTEMAug 27, 18Dec 20, 18Advanced Technology Management Group LLC
2018/0338,388 COOLING DEVICE, ELECTRONIC APPARATUS, AND COOLING SYSTEMMay 04, 18Nov 22, 18Fujitsu Limited

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