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Subclass 1/02: Sighting devices (for indirect laying of fire F41G 3/16; bombsights F41G 3/24) Foresights

Recent Patents

Patent #TitleFiling DateIssue DatePatent Owner
10578401 Illuminated weapon sightNov 28, 18Mar 03, 20MEPROLIGHT (1990) LTD.
10480876 Adjustable gas block for an indirect gas operated firearmJul 23, 18Nov 19, 19LWRC International, LLC
10429144 Automatic submachine gun for exploiting recoil comprising two opposing levers for the hammer, one associated with single-shot firing mode and the other with burst firing modeFeb 05, 15Oct 01, 19Far League S.R.L.
10415906 Firearm systems and methodsOct 03, 16Sep 17, 19ArmWest, LLC
10415930 Gun site assemblyFeb 15, 17Sep 17, 19Harrison Reed Inc.
10408568 Sight for a pistol or other firearmMar 02, 17Sep 10, 19Skychase Holdings Corporation
10371484 Illuminated sighting systemSep 27, 18Aug 06, 19Not available
10365065 Gun sighting assemblyMay 08, 18Jul 30, 19Not available
10345061 Gas regulator and locking front sight for a firearm and firearm with gas regulator and locking front sightMar 07, 16Jul 09, 19COLT'S MANUFACTURING IP HOLDING COMPANY LLC
10337820 Firearm muzzle device clampNov 21, 17Jul 02, 19Not available
10288368 Gas regulator and locking front sight for a firearm and firearm with gas regulator and locking front sightAug 08, 16May 14, 19COLT'S MANUFACTURING IP HOLDING COMPANY LLC
10288377 Alignment aidMay 18, 17May 14, 19Not available
10274285 Weapon sight light emission systemJan 15, 18Apr 30, 19HiViz LLC
10234237 Integrated fixed sight on firearm muzzle deviceApr 23, 18Mar 19, 19Not available
10222164 Extension device of a firearmNov 01, 17Mar 05, 19Fabbrica D'Armi Pietro Beretta S.p.A.
10222180 Plate carrierJan 18, 16Mar 05, 19Not available
10175029 Combined reflex and laser sight with co-aligned iron sightsJan 11, 17Jan 08, 19Wilcox Industries Corp.
10156424 Iron sight system for handguns including a notched blade rear iron sight with view windowsAug 04, 16Dec 18, 18Not available
10113835 Firearm and an alignment aidNov 10, 17Oct 30, 18Not available
10107589 Weapon sighting deviceNov 15, 16Oct 23, 18Not available

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Recent Publications

Publication #TitleFiling DatePub DatePatent Owner
2020/0025,514 FRONT SIGHT FOR FIREARMSJul 02, 19Jan 23, 20Not available
2019/0277,599 CLARITY SIGHTING SYSTEM AND EVALUATION METHODMar 06, 19Sep 12, 19Not available
2019/0186,869 Firearm Front SightDec 20, 17Jun 20, 19Not available

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