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Class  G01G : WEIGHING

Subclass 1/00: Weighing apparatus involving the use of a counterweight or other counterbalancing mass

Recent Patents

Patent #TitleFiling DateIssue DatePatent Owner
10281310 Weight-based phase composition ratio determinationMar 20, 17May 07, 19Auckland UniServices Limited; STEAMFIELD SENSORS, INC.;
10267632 Non-exposure supplied fuel quantity testing device and method of vehicle-mounted typeAug 24, 16Apr 23, 19KOREA PETROLEUM QUALITY & DISTRIBUTION AUTHORITY
10267719 Method for automatic thermogravimetric volatile analysis of coal and cokeApr 24, 17Apr 23, 19Not available
10229589 Investigation assist device, investigation assist method and investigation assist systemFeb 20, 18Mar 12, 19Panasonic Intellectual Property Management Co., Ltd.
10223876 Two-way merchandise fixtureJun 25, 18Mar 05, 19Walmart Apollo, LLC
10209168 Measuring instrument for Thermogravimetrically determining the moisture content of a materialSep 27, 16Feb 19, 19Sartorius Lab Instruments GMBH & CO. KG
10184824 Weight activated animal marking scaleFeb 24, 17Jan 22, 19Osborne Industries Inc.
9869578 Magnetic stirrer with mounting feetMay 05, 09Jan 16, 18IKA-WERKE GMBH & CO. KG
9810571 Hand truck with a loading weighing mechanismDec 15, 16Nov 07, 17Not available
9531889 Media stiffness sensor assembly for an imaging deviceDec 31, 13Dec 27, 16LEXMARK INTERNATIONAL, INC.
RE46109 Vehicle navigation system and methodFeb 10, 06Aug 16, 16LG ELECTRONICS INC.
9262914 Rogue vehicle detectionSep 07, 12Feb 16, 16TATA CONSULTANCY SERVICES LIMITED
9208660 Docking device for credit card payment and cash drawer including the sameFeb 06, 14Dec 08, 15BSM CASH DRAWER CO., LTD.
9173444 Sizing wheel for medical undergarmentsDec 17, 12Nov 03, 15MEDLINE INDUSTRIES, INC.
9078391 Tractor control systemJun 26, 12Jul 14, 15AGCO INTERNATIONAL GMBH
8972143 Data communication system and method for communicating data in a vehicleDec 10, 13Mar 03, 15GENERAL ELECTRIC COMPANY
8816866 Sonic detection of flow state change for measurement stationsNov 10, 08Aug 26, 14DANIEL MEASUREMENT AND CONTROL, INC.
8661883 Secondary air system diagnostic testMay 11, 11Mar 04, 14FCA US LLC
8620552 Data communication system and method for communicating data in a vehicleDec 05, 11Dec 31, 13GENERAL ELECTRIC COMPANY
8620553 System and method for establishing a network across a locomotive consist or other vehicle consistJun 06, 12Dec 31, 13GENERAL ELECTRIC COMPANY

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