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Subclass 1/04: Measuring vibrations in solids by using direct conduction to the detector (G01H 9/00, G01H 11/00 take precedence) of vibrations which are transverse to direction of propagation

Recent Patents

Patent #TitleFiling DateIssue DatePatent Owner
10569410 Device for stabilizing and securing testing tubes in cast-in-drilled-hole pilesJan 22, 19Feb 25, 20Not available
10527843 Ultra-sonic self-cleaning systemMay 12, 17Jan 07, 20IBM Corporation
10520723 Ultra-sonic self-cleaning systemNov 08, 17Dec 31, 19IBM Corporation
10466205 Method for determining mechanical damage to a rotor blade of a wind turbineOct 10, 12Nov 05, 19WEIDMÜLLER MONITORING SYSTEMS GMBH
10330647 Automatic mechanical systems diagnosisOct 31, 17Jun 25, 19AUGURY SYSTEMS LTD.
10254901 Method and integrated circuit to generate a signal to operate a sensor arrayJul 15, 14Apr 09, 19QUALCOMM Incorporated
10220503 Device and method for stabilizing and securing testing tubes in cast-in-drilled-hole pilesJun 06, 17Mar 05, 19Not available
10156493 Position determination device, position determination system, position determination method, and computer-readable recording mediumJun 11, 15Dec 18, 18NEC Corporation
10107677 Light guide system using low-resolution image sensorsMar 27, 18Oct 23, 18GOOEE LIMITED
9990089 Sensor array with receiver bias electrodeJul 15, 14Jun 05, 18QUALCOMM Incorporated
9866980 Measuring apparatus, measuring system and measuring methodAug 15, 16Jan 09, 18KYOCERA CORPORATION
9835594 Automatic mechanical system diagnosisOct 22, 12Dec 05, 17AUGURY SYSTEMS LTD.
9618385 Measuring apparatus, measuring system and measuring methodMay 17, 13Apr 11, 17KYOCERA CORPORATION
9470575 Water-cooled copper shoesJan 03, 12Oct 18, 16Not available
9356691 Sagnac interferometer event sensing and locating deviceAug 14, 13May 31, 16The Cleveland Electric Laboratories Company
9070879 Method for monitoring flexural vibrations of a piezoactuatorSep 02, 11Jun 30, 15EPCOS AG
9051897 System for optimizing power usage from damaged fan bladesNov 04, 11Jun 09, 15UNITED TECHNOLOGIES CORPORATION
8775114 Method and apparatus for determining phase sensitivity of an accelerometer based on an analysis of the harmonic components of the interference signalAug 22, 08Jul 08, 14KOREA ADVANCED INSTITUTE OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY, KOREA RESEARCH INSTITUTE OF STANDARDS AND SCIENCE, SCHERING CORPORATION,
8763464 Method and apparatus for determining an operating point of a work machineNov 18, 11Jul 01, 14KSB AKTIENGESELLSCHAFT
8234925 Device and method for monitoring the vibratory condition of a rotating machineMay 07, 09Aug 07, 12UNIVERSITE DE REIMS CHAMPAGNE-ARDENNE

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