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Subclass 1/08: Measuring vibrations in solids by using direct conduction to the detector (G01H 9/00, G01H 11/00 take precedence) of vibrations which are transverse to direction of propagation Amplitude

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Patent #TitleFiling DateIssue DatePatent Owner
10488300 Vibration exciterJul 19, 17Nov 26, 19Honda Motor Co., Ltd.
10424134 Diagnostic method, system and device for a rotorcraft drive systemAug 15, 17Sep 24, 19Bell Helicopter Textron Inc.
10416126 Machine fault prediction based on analysis of periodic information in a signalSep 07, 17Sep 17, 19Computational Systems Inc.
10260991 Abnormality diagnosis systemFeb 17, 16Apr 16, 19NSK LTD.
9969409 Automated in motion railway seismic wheel failure detection systemApr 13, 15May 15, 18Not available
9500668 Measuring circuit for monitoring and testing functionality of a measuring chainJan 10, 14Nov 22, 16MEGGITT SA
9442040 Method for determining a bearing preloadJan 28, 14Sep 13, 16AKTIEBOLAGET SKF
9377850 Input device, input method and mediumMar 14, 11Jun 28, 16NEC CORPORATION
9057650 Method for correcting permanent calibration and force-measuring balancing machineDec 21, 12Jun 16, 15SCHENCK ROTEC GMBH
8874384 Method and devices to standardize ultrasonic porosity measurementsSep 14, 10Oct 28, 14THE BOEING COMPANY
8738339 System and method for ultrasonic testingOct 05, 09May 27, 14ZETEC, INC.
8393993 Wind turbine comprising at least one gearbox and an epicyclic gearboxJul 24, 08Mar 12, 13VESTAS WIND SYSTEMS A/S, Vestas Wing Systems A/S,
8234925 Device and method for monitoring the vibratory condition of a rotating machineMay 07, 09Aug 07, 12UNIVERSITE DE REIMS CHAMPAGNE-ARDENNE
7640139 Abnormality diagnosing system for mechanical equipmentOct 17, 05Dec 29, 09NSK LTD.
7107850 Bearing vibration measuring apparatus, bearing vibration measuring method, and radial type bearingMay 14, 04Sep 19, 06NSK LTD.
6802221 System and method for conditioned-based monitoring of a bearing assemblyMar 27, 02Oct 12, 04GENERAL ELECTRIC COMPANY
5780760 Guitar pickup switching system for three-pickup guitarJan 13, 97Jul 14, 98BANK OF AMERICA, N.A., GIBSON BRANDS, INC.,
5423218 Method and instrument for measuring contact angle of rolling bearingJun 11, 92Jun 13, 95NSK LTD.

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