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Subclass 1/10: Measuring vibrations in solids by using direct conduction to the detector (G01H 9/00, G01H 11/00 take precedence) of torsional vibrations

Recent Patents

Patent #TitleFiling DateIssue DatePatent Owner
10598542 Method for operating a machine plant having a shaft trainAug 27, 15Mar 24, 20Siemens Aktiengesellschaft
10590796 Gas turbine engine drive system torsional health monitoringOct 19, 17Mar 17, 20United Technologies Corporation
10352784 Method and apparatus for measuring thrustAug 26, 14Jul 16, 19University of Florida Research Foundation Incorporated
10320314 Systems and methods for reducing effects of torsional oscillation for electrical power generationApr 28, 17Jun 11, 19The Boeing Company
10316689 Gas turbine engine health monitoring system with shaft-twist sensorsAug 22, 16Jun 11, 19Rolls-Royce Corporation
10254155 Monitoring torsional oscillations in a turbine-generatorSep 05, 14Apr 09, 19ABB Schweiz AG
10020764 System for compensating rotor vibrationsSep 29, 15Jul 10, 18General Electric Technology GmbH
10001404 Method and system for monitoring sub-synchronous torsional oscillations of a shaft line of a steam turbineJul 23, 15Jun 19, 18General Electric Technology GmbH
9835217 Coil spring modeling apparatus and method utilizing a torsion detection to control an actuator unitFeb 12, 15Dec 05, 17NHK SPRING CO., LTD., NHK INTERNATIONAL CORPORATION,
9657523 Bottomhole assembly design method to reduce rotational loadsMay 17, 13May 23, 17BAKER HUGHES INCORPORATED
9404791 Lateral, angular and torsional vibration monitoring of rotordynamic systemsDec 17, 09Aug 02, 16NUOVO PIGNONE S.P.A.
9284903 System and method for adjusting engine speed and/or engine load to improve fuel economy without causing vehicle vibration that is perceivable by a vehicle occupantDec 30, 13Mar 15, 16GM GLOBAL TECHNOLOGY OPERATIONS LLC
9212946 Campbell diagram displays and methods and systems for implementing sameJun 08, 12Dec 15, 15GENERAL ELECTRIC COMPANY
8935041 Diagnostic method for a torsional damper in a drive train of a vehicleSep 28, 11Jan 13, 15CONTINENTAL AUTOMOTIVE GMBH
8689634 Systems and methods for mode shape identificationSep 27, 11Apr 08, 14GENERAL ELECTRIC COMPANY
8013481 Detuner for tuning torsional mode of a rotating bodyMar 27, 09Sep 06, 11GENERAL ELECTRIC COMPANY
6455006 Apparatus for aspirating and discharging a sample quantityApr 18, 00Sep 24, 02KYOTO ELECTRONICS MANUFACTURING CO., LTD.
5652710 Solid/liquid determination apparatusDec 01, 94Jul 29, 97MATSUSHITA ELECTRIC INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD.

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