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Subclass 1/00: Details of thermometers not specially adapted for particular types of thermometer (circuits for reducing thermal inertia G01K 7/42)

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Patent #TitleFiling DateIssue DatePatent Owner
10605175 Temperature control system for gas combustion engines and method of using the sameJul 31, 17Mar 31, 20Rolls Royce Corporation
10598551 Variable frequency drive temperature determinationAug 06, 18Mar 24, 20Trane International Inc.
10598552 EMI-compatible mechanical temperature threshold sensorDec 19, 18Mar 24, 20Rolls-Royce Corporation
10598619 Thermal properties measuring deviceDec 04, 17Mar 24, 20Chung Yuan Christian University
10585004 Systems and methods for determining ambient temperature using lighting based sensorsJul 15, 16Mar 10, 20SIGNIFY NORTH AMERICA CORPORATION
10585054 Stable nanocrystalline ordering alloy systems and methods of identifying sameDec 12, 18Mar 10, 20Massachusetts Institute of Technology
10585057 Detecting composition of a sample based on thermal propertiesDec 16, 15Mar 10, 20OXFORD UNIVERSITY INNOVATION LIMITED
10578570 Test system of thermoelectric module and test method for thermoelectric moduleJun 10, 14Mar 03, 20Not available
10571345 Systems and methods for determining the temperature and/or level of a molten metal bath in a vesselMar 07, 19Feb 25, 20Berry Metal Company
10545054 Active grounded thermocouple and method of operationFeb 20, 19Jan 28, 20Watlow Electric Manufacturing Company
10545055 Electronic device including a temperature sensorJun 13, 17Jan 28, 20Semiconductor Components Industries, LLC
10545052 Pyranometer with forced airflowFeb 23, 16Jan 28, 20Hukseflux Holding B.V.
10520367 Systems and methods of alerting customers to changes in product temperatures during deliveryJun 13, 17Dec 31, 19Walmart Apollo, LLC
10514302 Method for measuring a temperature of a molten metal bathDec 01, 17Dec 24, 19Heraeus Electro-Nite International N. V.
10514304 Temperature monitoring devices for electrical apparatus, switchgears with same and related methodsMar 23, 17Dec 24, 19EATON INTELLIGENT POWER LIMITED
10514309 Temperature abnormality detection method for power conversion device and temperature abnormality detection device for power conversion deviceAug 23, 16Dec 24, 19Nissan Motor Co. Ltd.
10506930 Microwave thermometer for internal body temperature retrievalMay 30, 17Dec 17, 19The Regents of the University of Colorado a Body Corporate
10509002 Wireless sensing devices and method for detecting hydrationNov 02, 15Dec 17, 193M Innovative Properties Company
10502635 Temperature sensorNov 18, 15Dec 10, 19VALEO SYSTEMES DE CONTROLE MOTEUR
10502636 Temperature-measuring stick with an easily replaceable thermocoupleDec 28, 15Dec 10, 19ORANO CYCLE

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